Xiaomi Mi Soundbar Review | Best Sound Experience @ 4999 INR

Xiaomi has a lot of products in their portfolio including smartphones, screwdrivers, shoes, fitness trackers, TVs and even speakers of different kinds. The company launched the Mi Soundbar recently in India for the price of Rs. 4999 and this price point is something that not many people in India invest when it comes to speakers.

But the Xiaomi Mi Soundbar is a really great speaker bar which can easily connect to your TV or even your smartphones. The soundbar comes with Bluetooth 4.2 which you can use to connect the Mi Soundbar to an audio source wirelessly. Let us take a look at how this soundbar performs in the day to day usage.


The Mi Soundbar has a lot of tech specs that are to be mentioned so here we go.

  • 2x 20mm Dome Tweeters; 2x 2.5 inch Woofer Drivers; 4x 70x55mm Passive Radiators
  • Bluetooth 4.2 A2DP
  • 3.5 mm stereo AUX input
  • Fiber optic input
  • Coaxial input
  • Red and white audio input
  • Input power: > 14W X 2 @1 kHz
  • THD < 1%
  • Frequency response range: 50 Hz – 25000 Hz ( -10 dB)
  • Nominal impedance: 6 ohms

For normal users who aren’t that big of an audiophile, the specifications listed above might not mean very much but the Soundbar is actually using really nice speaker setups along with great input options that can connect to any form of a device out there. If you have an old TV, you can use the RCA audio input to connect the speaker with your TV otherwise, you can go for either 3.5mm aux input or Bluetooth 4.2.

Build & Design

Every Xiaomi product somehow resembles a single design language and the same is true for the Mi Soundbar. The soundbar has a really clean design that looks really nice and modern. It has a white body with fabric in the front that covers the speakers. The buttons and controls are located on top of the speaker and you have volume controls along with other toggles such as play, pause, next etc.

The input for the soundbar is located on the back of this thing and you have all the connectors and inputs mentioned in the specifications section.

The design as mentioned is already great but Xiaomi has also made this thing quite sturdy. The modern look and great build are definitely worth the price.

Sound & Audio

As mentioned, the Mi Soundbar can accept inputs of different kinds including the standard 3.5mm AUX, fiber optic, and even Bluetooth. It has a total of 8 sound drivers included which counts 2x 20mm Dome Tweeters; 2x 2.5-inch Woofer Drivers; 4x 70x55mm Passive Radiators. This is a really nice audio set up at such low price and this is the best part about the soundbar.

The audio experience from this speaker is quite nice and it has a great number of details and bass for audio that you will play. The upgrade from your normal TV speakers to this soundbar is definitely huge and noticeable when it comes to sound quality.

This soundbar can be termed as the perfect winner for cinema experiences due to the amazing setup it has and movies utilize such setups in the best ways. Keep in mind that the vocal performance of the soundbar is just about OK if not great. To give you an idea about the sound quality, the speaker has a really good bass which is very noticeable while listening to audio and due to the wide stereo setup on this thing, it surpasses the quality of audio your TV produces very well.


At the price point of Rs. 4999, the Mi Soundbar is a great option to go for if you’re looking for the best soundbar experience in this price range. Not only do you get great sound, but the connectivity options are unmatched too. Add to that the ability to place the speaker where you want as it comes with a wall mount support so you can easily mount it under or over your TV or simply keep it on a shelf.

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