WatchOut WILD SmartWatch Review

When it comes to wearable tech, Smart Watches like the Apple Watch or a Moto 360 have always been in popular demand. But these smartwatches come at a very high price and the low priced ones aren’t that good as they compromise on a lot of things.

But companies like WatchOut are working towards bringing great smartwatches at a very low price. The WatchOut WILD smartwatch is a wearable that comes with a lot of features, customization options and more at a price of Rs. 5399.

The WatchOut WILD comes loaded with Nucleus OS and it supports both Android as well as iOS. You will be able to use this smartwatch with your Android phone or an iOS device. There are many other features that the smartwatch has to provide and we will look at all of them in this review.

Design & Build

The WatchOut WILD smartwatch is made out of Zinc Alloy and the wrist strap uses genuine handmade leather or stainless steel. The one we tested had a leather strap. The smartwatch weighs 80 grams which is quite OK considering the fact that the smartwatch is made out of Zinc Alloy.

The build quality is good and the design of the smartwatch is also good considering the price you have to pay for it.

The screen on the smartwatch is a 1.22-inch IPS touch display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. It is a flat tire display which means it isn’t completely round. But expecting a full circular display at this price point will be a bit too much to ask from the company.

The wrist strap on the smartwatch is easy to change and you can use any traditional wrist strap of your liking. The smartwatch is also IP54 Water splash proof which means it won’t get damaged due to watch splashes but make sure you don’t go swimming with the smartwatch.

Display & Watch Faces

As mentioned, the smartwatch has a 1.22-inch flat tire IPS touch display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The display does have a bezel but it is only noticeable when you’re looking at colored backgrounds on the watch. If you use a watch face with a lighter background, the bezel will be visible for sure.

Talking about watch faces, there are so many watch faces that the company provides and you can install on the smartwatch. You do need to signup on the website in order to download the watch faces.

Features & Functionalities

Let us talk about what features this smartwatch has to offer. The smartwatch can connect with your phone using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy which means it won’t eat up all your battery life when your phone is connected to your Android or iPhone.

The smartwatch can also be used as a fitness tracker and it comes with a pedometer, heart rate monitor, and a sleep quality monitor. You can use this smartwatch to count your steps while jogging or running thanks to the pedometer.


The heart rate monitor is also quite accurate and works well but sometimes it gives sort of random readings. The best part of this smartwatch is the sleep quality monitor which can easily track your sleep and in the morning or after your sleep, you will be able to track your sleep and see what you can do to make your body sleep better.

The smartwatch also has the functionality to display notifications from your phone, you can control music, you can set alarms, find your phone and check your phonebook. These are basic functionalities that a smartwatch is supposed to provide and this smartwatch does that easily.

The smartwatch also has a 1511ACC speaker and a microphone so you can use it to talk to people without picking up the call on your phone. You can also use the watch to access Siri or Google Assistant.

Talking about the tech specs, the smartwatch has a MediaTek MTK2502C ARM v7 processor along with a memory configuration of 128MB+64MB. These specs are enough to run a smartwatch of this caliber and the smartwatch performs well overall.

One small minor issue is that you need to use multiple apps to use all the functionalities of the watch. We had to download and install two app – TechMade Round App and MediaTek SmartDevice. But in near future, Mediatek should add all the missing functionalities thereby eliminating the need of the 2nd app.

Battery Life

The smartwatch can be charged using a magnetic pogo pin charger. The battery that this smartwatch has is of 300mAh that is good enough and as per the company, it gives the smartwatch a battery life of 48 hours.

Charging the smartwatch is very easy and you have a magnetic pogo pin charger in the box that you can use to charge the smartwatch while you’re doing something else where you don’t need the smartwatch. The watch did last for 2 days with all the notifications turned on and using it for measuring the heart rate multiple times a day.


Everything sounds so great for the smartwatch. The features, the price and the design and looks of the smartwatch, everything are in place but since it is using Nucleus OS, the smartwatch feels a bit limited. If you compare it with other smartwatches that run on Android Wear, you will see that they have so much more functionality that justifies their price.

But then you can’t get a better product under 5-6K INR. If you don’t want to spend more than this amount on a smartwatch, then WatchOut WILD is a good option. We also think WatchOut should go ahead and launch a smartwatch with Android Wear so that it can provide much more functionality to people who will be buying their future smartwatches.

Review overview

Build Quality8.8


If you don't want to spend more than 5-6K INR on a smartwatch, then WatchOut WILD is a good option.

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