Wait Till Diwali : One Nation One Number [Roaming Free Country][India]

Exciting news for Indians, Indian govt. is planning a Diwali gift for us. Soon India will be a Roaming free country as per the new draft purposed by telecom minister “Kapil Sibal”. Few days back, Kapil Sibal presented a draft saying making India a Roaming free country, by offering single license to all the telecom operators.

At first, I was not able to believe on this extra-ordinary but then I read the draft and felt so great.  However, under this policy, users will be able to roam anywhere in the country with a single mobile number without worrying about any extra incoming or outgoing charges.

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India is already having the facility of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) which allows you to change the service provider without changing the number. This service will continue along with the roaming changes. Can you believe? After the applicability of this scheme there will be no word called “STD”, amazing!

“Achieve One Nation – full Mobile Number Portability and work towards one nation – free roaming, is one of objectives of the Draft National Telecom Policy 2011. It is now imperative to move towards convergence between telecom, broadcast and IT services, networks, platforms, technologies and overcome the existing segregation of licensing, registration and regulatory mechanisms in these areas to enhance affordability, increase access, delivery of multiple services and reduce cost,”  said Union Minister of Communications and Information, Kapil Sibal, on Monday unveiling the new telecom policy documents.

On the other hand, roaming charges has been decreased by few of the telecom operator like, Tata Docomo making it free in some places but still other operators are charging for incoming and outgoing calls both.

As we all know, few months BSNL launched a plan about making the roaming free with Special recharge of Rs. 12-15 varies according to states but this plan was taken back because “No telecom operator was allowed to make the roaming free”.

As earning from roaming contributes major revenue to the telecom operators and I am surely they will oppose this new policy, but still we need to wait till its applicability.

Have a look at this video below:

Whatever be the oppositions, this policy will be proved as a gift and beneficial for customers. What do you say about it?

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