News -The new Trading Revolution is a completely new blockchain based trading platform. The company is set on a vision to make sure that trading systems are available to all kinds of users and audiences without the nature of being exclusive to only a specific part of the crowd. It is built in a way that uses P2P or peer-to-peer platform and supports a wide variety of tradeable assets. will also be using their own form of cryptocurrency which is known as TradeTokens that users will be able to buy and use for trade purposes.

What is TradeTokens? has its own cryptocurrency which is known as TradeTokens (TIO). The ICO for TradeTokens was launched back in November 2017. The main target for TIO was to help the investors of the coin to participate in the shared liquidity pool. People who have TIO will also be able to buy new IPOs and new share issues via the platform. Platform – BTV

The platform can be used for a lot of things and there are so many early adopters providing various services to people working with The platform is known as Blockchain Trade Verifier or BTV. The BTV platform will be used for various applications like Forex and more. Yes, you will also have the crypto exchange on the same platform which makes BTV a lot more functional as compared to other platforms.

The salient features of BTV include the following things:

Blockchain Verifier

Every transaction that you make through BTV will be available for your verification. These transactions will be done through your broker on the blockchain which is definitely an advantage and brings down the chances of being scammed significantly.

Platform Compatibility

Blockchain Trade Verifier or BTV is available on most of the world’s most popular trading platforms with new platforms being added frequently. This makes BTV the most versatile and compatible blockchain platform for trading uses.

Leading Brokers

Brokers like FX PRIMUS Europe and Primus Capital Markets UK are already a part of BTV so you can use the platform to trade through these two brokers. There are also other early adopters that have shown interest in joining the platform.

Intuitive Interface

Forget the cluttered and unintuitive trading interfaces that you might have seen or used. BTV as a platform provides a very easy to use interface where you will be able to view all the details you want to see. Every detail about your trades will be shown in a very easy to understand manner. – ICO Services also provides ICO consulting services and helps new ICOs launch and work with the best possible results. provides the required help for your ICO for the following things in their ICO consulting services.

  • Advisor recruitment
  • Community management
  • Whitepaper
  • Marketing strategy review
  • Smart contract and Security audit
  • Exchange listing support and more
  • Token audit
  • Angel investor services

All of these services help you launch your ICO successfully and make the sale as successful as it can be. There are already a lot of ICOs that have been approaching in order to help them launch successfully and reach the right audience for their ICO to sell. The above-mentioned services aren’t limited to what’s being mentioned here or on’s ICO services page but they also provide tailor-made services if your ICO requires that.

Team behind

The team behind is a group of experienced and talented people who have made a name for themselves their fields like fintech, technology, and advisory services. The CEO, Jim Preissler has a private equity and investment banking background which is rare for companies like Other members on the team include Roy Gutshall who is the COO with more than 7 years experience in the financial services industry and forex services.

The team behind is one of the major reasons why the company is growing to great heights because the members of the team have accumulated a great deal of experience in their own fields due to their work.

The team has experience in investment banking on Wall Street, retail, institutional forex brokerage services and even blockchain.

What makes different from Others?

The team is a huge reason behind why is very different from other companies as they have extensive knowledge and experience in sectors like fintech, blockchain, trading and investment banking. Apart from that, they have been working with two of the largest brokers in the world already and their BTV platform is made to do great things without being too cluttered and complex to use. The BTV platform allows for transparency between the clients as well as brokers so there is no way there is going to be something wrong with any of the trades happening on the platform. also allows for different tradeable assets which are very different from what others have to offer, which is a single type of asset being available for trading. You can look up what’s available and choose which funds you can help. The platform is also compliant to all the required regulatory things like KYC, AML, and compliance.

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