Top Apps That you should Check out in August 2016

To bring out the best in our smartphones, developers are launching new, innovative apps each passing day. The advanced features these software codes offer indeed make our lives a lot easier and efficient. You can’t do everything with apps, but something you can do. For instance, you can manage all your expenses without any trouble, watch free quality entertainment videos, beautify your selfies, zero in on your travel destination, share money or stay connected with likeminded folks across the world. Let’s list 4 Apps that you shouldn’t miss this month.


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Viu is an application where you can check anything related to Bollywood. Here you get to watch the best movies of Bollywood arranged in different categories like Premium Movies, The Fight Club, Controversial movies etc. Apart from these users can listen to the latest songs, soulful music, mash ups, etc. Apart from full movies and music, you can even watch trailers for upcoming movies and latest movie reviews right from the App itself. Viu also allows you to watch a few TV shows. People, who don’t have the time or patience to sit through 2 to 3 hours of full movie at a time, can also comfortably watch their favorite movies in smaller parts using Viu.

BeautyPlus Me

This application comes with amazing tools which will help you beautify your pictures the way you want. You can remove pimples, wrinkles, remove dark circles from your face, or whiten your teeth simply by tapping or swiping on them. It also allows you to whiten your skin tone and slim contours of your face. If that feels like too much work, the App also has an ‘Auto’ option that automatically transforms your image in a natural manner.

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Besides, the app also allows you to add shallow depth of field effect to selfies, crop them, add filter and directly share them on popular social media platforms.

IObit Applock

IObit Applock keeps your applications secure for free. In an age where our Smartphones hold all our confidential data including digital wallets, health data, specific work data, and private messages, IObit Applock aims to offer a comprehensive solution.

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With IObit Applock, you can apply an added layer of protection to individual apps on your phone by adding specific pattern or PIN lock. You can lock various apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Gallery, Instagram, etc. It also locks the settings in your devices and come with a fake lock feature just for fun. You can also double your security by adding another secure layer unlocked by One- time Passwords (OTP).


This app offers you all kind of facilities to help you make your travel easier and happier. This one stop app provides all information about flights, buses, trains, local cabs and Uber prices, availability and time schedules, and also allows you to book ticket for all means of transport from one place.


Be it a popular city or a small village, you can check route maps throughout India. Ruoutofy further continues to assists you while travelling and provides you information and updates regarding your transportation. If you still run in to an issue, there is provision for proper customer support system to resolve consumer issues in their hour of need.

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