Top 5 Smart Wireless Device Developments for 2015 (Juniper Research)

Wireless technology is the next big thing in today’s world. Everything is becoming wireless. We have covered a long distance from wired phones to smartphones and from wired computer accessories to wireless one. No doubt, wireless technology comes with so many advantages and features that people love using them. The hassle of taking care of wires while working and paying extra attention so that wire doesn’t get broken are gone now. Welcome to the world of wireless technology.


 There is so much scope in wireless technology that each and every company is trying their level best to come up with best wireless gadget. Even the market is full of so many wireless devices that you will find yourself in a confused state on which one to buy. However, a leading technology analyst house, Juniper Research recently unveiled the top 5 developments which will surely impact the smart wireless devices sector this year.

 These five developments are:

  1. Apple Watch– When it comes to future development in terms of technology, Apple always remain on top. Apple watch was one of the most awaited gadget and when it was launched, it turned out to be a real game changer. Along with some exciting features and function, Apple Watch offers one of the best-in-class user experience and design.
  1. Intel’s Wearables– If you though that Intel can only make excellent processors, you need to have a look at their wearable technology. Intel is actually working hard on making a complete new range of chipsets for smart watches. Intel has partnered with Open Ceremony for their MICAA bracelet and SMS Audio. The company is also working with Open Ceremony to promote Luxottica which is a smart eyewear.
  1. Microsoft HoloLens– The Tech Giant, Microsoft is known for coming up with out of the box technology and gadgets. Even this time, the company has launched a complete revolutionary device which is HoloLens. It is a smart eye wear which can bring the AR experiences throughout the home, from watching football projected onto a wall, to playing Minecraft on the kitchen table, HoloLens is surely one of the best wireless development this year.
  1. GOQii Fitness– GOQii has completely shaken the fitness device, thanks to their subscription based service. The best part of GOQii device is that it links the user with a kind of real fitness coach who helps him to interpret output from the device and provides motivation and context for the data. The device also offers some amazing features which are not available in most of the fitness wearable devices.
  1. Google-TAG Heuer Smartwatch– It is one of the most exciting development for the smartwatch sector as it opens up the wider premium watch market to Android Wear and Intel chips.

All these gadgets are in a great demand and are loved by the users. Although, high pricing can be an issue with them but, with the features and specs these devices offers, each penny is worth to spend.

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