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Top 5 Reasons to buy Vivo V7 Plus as your next smartphone

Vivo has launched its next generation perfect selfie phone – the Vivo V7 Plus – which brandishes the best of technology and clicks where it matters. The Vivo V7 Plus is a complete phone and the overall experience of living with it is gratifying, to say the least. You will be drawn to touch and unlock it every few minutes, simply because of its premium feel and enchanting nature. Let’s see what makes the Vivo V7 tick and enlist 5 reasons for why this should be your next phone.

Mesmerizing Display

The Vivo V7 Plus flaunts a 5.99-inch full-vision display that runs edge to edge. There are virtually no bezels on the sides and extremely minimal ones on top and bottom. Apart from the display dominating the fascia, it’s also extremely well calibrated. Viewing angles are wide, dynamic range excellent and the contrast is extremely high as well. Watching videos and playing games on this uninterrupted display is an unmatched experience, one that shall definitely blow your mind away!

Looks Beautiful

The Vivo V7 Plus flaunts a full metal unibody design. In spite of a 5.99-inch display, the handset is very manageable owing to its slim profile and the small footprint it occupies (it feels like a 5.5-inch display phone). This is because the bezels on the front have been aggressively shaved off.

The fingerprint sensor on the rear is where your index finger will naturally lie. The sandblasted Aluminum back has subtle curves on the edges and that ensures that the V7 Plus won’t slip off your hands easily.

Takes Selfie experience to the next level  

Committed to delivering the best possible selfie experience to Indian consumers, Vivo pushes the selfie envelope even further. The Vivo V7 Plus includes a magnanimous 24MP front camera that can be used to shoot crisp selfies.

Even the minutest details will show up irrespective of the lighting condition. Vivo has also improved its class leading beautify mode. Assisted by the moonlight flash, the Vivo V7 Plus is equipped to handle all your selfie needs and then some more.

Powerful Performance

The Vivo V7 Plus is the first smartphone in India to be powered by Snapdragon 450 mobile system. The chipset is based on the 14nm FinFET process which makes it extremely power efficient and that’s why the battery on the phone can easily last for one and a half to two days with moderate to heavy usage.

You will notice that the Vivo V7 Plus is exceptionally fast. You can run all high-end games without any hint of lag and the UI transitions are crazy fast. Moreover, the 4GB RAM on the phone shall ensure that the performance remains intact even after you have been pushing it to its limits for several months.

Ample storage

The handset comes with 64GB internal storage and also gives an option to further add secondary storage. With the Vivo V7, even if you are a heavy user, you need not worry about performance suffering on the account of storage being filled to the brim.  You won’t have to be bothered with regular spring cleaning sessions either.

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