Top 5 New Apps You Should Try In April

Indian start-up market is quite hot and happening today and each passing day, more and more young entrepreneurs are providing innovative solutions for ever existing problems to make our lives simpler. These tech based service can potentially shape our future for the better, but most of them are still work in progress. Here are 5 such interesting app ideas which you must try this month!


voodoo 1



voodoo 2













Voodoo is a floating app which works on top of other shopping apps to enhance your overall experience and to help you save some money. The un-intrusive Voodoo bubble floats atop your regular shopping app and you can simply tap on it to open a list which specifies prices for the same product on other portals. The app also lists entries from different sellers on same market place.

The app also shows all available offers, discounts and coupons relevant to the product across different ecommerce portals. The app also provides comparisons for taxi services like Uber, Ola and TaxiForSure.

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Doctor Insta

dr insta 1.dr insta 2















When you notice something eerie about your health, first instinct is often to confirm it on the internet. Doctor Insta tries to bridge the gap between you getting confused and visiting a doctor. You can instantly video chat with a doctor or ask a question.

The first video consultation worth 400 INR is absolutely free. The app connects you with Doctors, Sexologists, Dermatologists, Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Psychologists and Dieticians from the comfort of your home.

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Help Chat

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HelpChat listens to your queries and gets back to you with relevant answers. You could ask for anything that can be researched online related to travel, tech, gadgets, shopping, nearby service locations, etc, and HelpChat will do all the hardwork for you.

The service aims to simply consumer woes by acting as a personal assistance. The app also offers wallet services were you also get cashbacks which can be used for other purchases via HelpChat.

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Eco: Used vehicle inspection

eco 2eco 1

Eco is a comprehensive and scientific doorstep auto inspection and verification service provider. After the inspection, the app delivers a digital report covering all relevant points (100 to 200) to certify the condition of the vehicle. Developers believe that this will come in handy for people trying to buy or sell used automobiles in India.

Besides getting your vehicle inspected, the app also provides tutorial guiding people on how to go about inspecting used vehicles. Technicians can also use it to receive inspection orders.

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liftee 2.Liftiee 1

Liftiee is about taking lifts from bike-riding stranger, but only the verified ones. Using the app, you can hail riders going your way and save both time and money. Only Rs. 10 will be charged for the first three Kilometers and you are allowed to pay via Paytm Wallet. Women riders or lift takers can also request gender specific rides. Just download the app, log-in using existing social media accounts and decide what you want to share with commuters.

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