Timex Blink Review: A Basic Fitness Tracker That Looks Good

Wearable gadgets have been trying to justify their existence for a few years and fitness tracking has emerged as the primary reason for why you’d buy one. Naturally, traditional watchmakers don’t want to miss on this market shift and that has resulted in a number of hybrid watches that can also track your activity stats and pair with your phone.

Timex Blink is one such activity tracker which is a product of a partnership between renowned watchmaker Timex and Indian start-up Witworks. We have been testing it for a while and have gathered our opinion and findings in this Timex Blink review.


The Timex Blink looks attractive than the cheaper fitness trackers available in the market. The black curved core is made of stainless steel and there are 2 strap options bundled in the box. The metal strap comes attached to the device and pressing a quick-release pin, you can swap it with the rubber band option present alongside.

The mono-color OLED display is not touch-sensitive and there is a capacitive button on one end that you can use for navigation. The major omission here is the heart rate sensor. On the undersurface, you will find the USB port for charging covered under a flap (for water resistance). Unlike other fitness trackers you don’t need a special charging cradle to charge Timex Blink, all you need is the cable, which is a good thing.

Features and Performance

Apart from monitoring time, you can use Timex Blink for step counting, activity (distance traveled, calories burned) and sleep tracking, for setting alarms and also for sending SOS alerts (by long pressing the capacitive button) in case of emergency. The watch can also mirror your phone’s notifications and alert you of incoming calls and messages.

All stats can be tracked using the companion app that’s available for iOS and Android users. After downloading the app, you can input your height, weight, etc. to set it up. You can also add emergency SoS contacts, but you will have to enter contact numbers and email IDs manually.

Activity tracking and sleep tracking on Timex Blink is fine but it is not the most accurate tracker available on the market. We noticed that the tracker skips steps sometimes and sometimes increases the count while we are driving or riding. We didn’t face any connectivity issue on Timex Blink during the review period.

Battery life, Price, and Verdict

To conserve battery, Timex Blink relies on a raise-to-wake feature. This isn’t very consistent, however, and more often than not we had to manually wake the display by taping the capacitive button. The 90mAh battery on the watch can last for about one week.

The Timex Blink is a very basic fitness tracker which isn’t all we had hoped for considering its price tag of Rs. 4,999. What does work in its favor are its looks and renowned branding – which are factors you can’t underestimate when it comes to wearables.

If activity tracking is your first priority you will be better off with devices like Mi Band 2 and Honor Band 2. If you need a branded wearable accessory that looks good and can also track some activity stats, you can consider Timex Blink as an option.

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