Strontium Partners With SmartFuture To Launch Array Of Safety Oriented Wearables

Next to step in the wearable game is Strontium, a globally renowned brand in flash storage space is all set to launch in India. In association with SmartFuture, Strontium introduced an array of wearables at CES 2016, tailored around personal and home safety.

Wearables isn’t exactly a hot market as of today, but these mini gadgets are definitely here to stay. Strontium’s portfolio includes 3 products – FindMe, Ivy and Hippo.

FindME is a lost and found tracker that will allow you to keep track of your valuables without any fear of losing the. Ivy is a smart fashion accessory, which women can wear as jewelry, and can be used to track their whereabouts. The Hippo, on the other hand, is a GPS enabled wearable device for kids will allow the parents to track their kids and ensure their safety.


Thus, Strontium is focusing on looks and safety here. An appealing design is of course a necessity for all wearable devices as they live on you throughout your day. Addressing safety is where Strontium is looking to distinguish itself from the burgeoning crowd.

If everything works as advertised, these devices could be well received among safety conscious consumers. There is no word on price and availability.

On this occasion Strontium’s CEO and President, Mr Vivian Singh said, “Mobility remains the core of our business and with the telecom infrastructure getting stronger in India, connected portable devices are the future of mobility. We saw a huge market potential in this space and that inspire us to come up with our range of smart wearables focussed around family and home safety”.

We are extremely proud of our initial offering of smart wearables”, said SmartFuture’s CEO, Mr. Sumit Khemani. “We are happy to collaborate with Strontium to launch our range of smart wearables. Strontium is one of the leading brands when it comes to consumer flash storage and has good presence across geographies of interest to SmartFuture. Strontium will be an ideal partner to enter the market that will showcase a win-win situation for both and offer smart wearables to the Indian masses.”, he further added.

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