Spill resistant Logitech MK235 Wireless, Spill-resistant Keyboard and M171 Wireless Mouse Combo Launched At 1995 INR

Logitech often surprises us with swanky accessories, and this time the company is out with Logitech MK235 Wireless Keyboard and The Logitech M171 Wireless Mouse Combo, each of which is spill resistant and gone through Anti-fading treatment. So, the next time you are engrossed in work and accidently spill your coffee, your keyboard and mouse would survive.

The MK235 Wireless Keyboard and M171 Mouse Combo provides a simple and reliable solution – with no learning curve – for desktop users,” said Ashok Jangra’, Cluster Category Manager India & South West Asia. “Choose reliable connectivity now with the simple plug-and-play setup of this combo.”

The keyboard includes full sized keys, number pad and 15 function keys. Since it’s an anti-fading keyboard, letter on keys won’t fade with time. It also has two adjustable typing angles and sturdy tilt legs.
The Logitech M171 Wireless Mouse is universally compatible and offers reliable wireless connectivity and long-lasting battery life at an affordable price. The left and right button function can be replaced depending on whether you are right handed or left handed. The keyboard – mouse combo also promises long lasting battery life.

The MK235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo will be available in India from 2nd May 2016, for an affordable retail price of INR 1995.

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