Smartron tband review

Domestic IoT brand Smartron wants to develop an ecosystem of health-oriented tech devices and the company recently forayed into this space with a familiar piece of technology – A fitness tracker.

Smartron tband, however, isn’t a run of the mill activity tracker that the brand is selling at cost. Interestingly, it comes with a unique feature set including an option to measure ECG and Blood pressure.

Indeed these are things a good fitness tracker must have and ones that make tband stand out. But does everything works as advertised? Let’s explore the tracker further in our Smartron tband review.

Design and Comfort

The tband looks fine and it does look similar to most of the other fitness bands available in the market.

The band supports standard 18mm straps which you can get replaced at any local shop without spending too much. The bundled leather straps feel good, but leather doesn’t take well to sweat, dirt, and grime. There are rubber straps too, which are better suited for daily wear and tear.

The band itself has a surgical grade anti-corrosive steel casing. Due to the sheer amount of technology packed in, the tband is thicker than conventional fitness trackers. You will have to wear the band in particular position to get ECG and Blood pressure readings, and that’s easier said than done. The band also accumulates scratches and scuff marks rather easily.

On a positive note, the metal touchpad adds a nice touch, the band is IP67 water and dust resistant certified and it is also fairly light. Overall, considering the price point at which it is available we can’t complain much especially when you compare it to similar bands from Fitbit.


The 0.96-inch OLED display on the band has 128 x 64-pixel resolution can fit-in decent amount of content. The display quality is good enough for intended usage. Touch input isn’t supported and you will have to navigate the band using the metal touch button underlining the screen.  Once again, the display glass might get scratches with day-to-day usage and you will need to be careful.

Performance and software

The tband can pair with your Android or iOS phone via Bluetooth 4.1 using tHealth app. You will have to signup in the app first and enter stats like age, weight, etc.

The band can track standard activity stats like step count, running distance, calories burnt, pace, and workout BPM. It can also monitor your sleep, measure BP, ECG, BP, and calculate Stress, sleep efficiency, fatigue, etc. The band also passes on your phones notification and sedentary reminders.

The activity stats and step count measurement felt very accurate. The band can also measure sleep perfectly well. The ECG and HRV measurements take some time and effort, but when you get it right the end result is fairly reliable.

For blood pressure measurement, the app needs you to measure BP from a real apparatus and enter Systolic and Diastolic values. The stress and fatigue measurements felt inconsistent. Also, we did face connectivity issues at times with the tHealth app.

Price, Battery, and Verdict

The 100mAh battery inside can comfortably last for 2 to 2.5 days with continuous use.  Interestingly, Smartron bundles a charging plate that you can use to charge the band. Charging time is around 2 hours.

The Smartron tband packs enough features to justify its 4,999 INR price tag. It can accurately track your vital stats and provides vital health info that most other bands don’t. We do wish it was slightly more comfortable to wear with the provided leather strap, but the replaceable straps ensure that you can still consider it.

Review overview

Build Quality7.2


The Smartron tband packs enough features to justify its 4,999 INR price tag. If you don't want to spend more than 5,000 INR on a fitness band then this is a good choice.

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