Skyworth enters India with M20 series of Smart TVs, Partners with Amazon India

Skyworth 32inch M20 Series Smart LED TV

Skyworth has ventured into the Indian market with their M20 smart TV series with Amazon India’s partnership. The new series of M20 TVs will come with three TVs of different sizes. There’s a 32-inch model along with other models that come with 43-inch and 49-inch sizes. These smart TVs come with WiFi, live TV apps, some inbuilt games and an app store from where you can download the applications for your TV.

Skyworth 32inch M20 Series Smart LED TV

These smart TVs run on a custom Android fork and can easily install APKs just like a normal Android device. The price starts at Rs. 12,990 for the 32-inch model. The 32-inch smart TV is HD ready which means you will be able to watch content on it which is within 720p or 768p and all the full HD content played from a USB or another device will be scaled down.

Skyworth 43 inch M20 Series Smart LED TV

The 43-inch model is a Full HD smart TV and comes at a price tag of Rs. 22,990 and comes with the same features as the 32-inch model. The main difference is that the 43-inch TV has a full HD resolution and can display 1080p content easily. Talking about the 49-inch model, it also comes with a full HD panel and that’s the main difference. The price for the 49-inch model is set at Rs. 29,990.

Skyworth 49 inch M20 Series Smart LED TV

All the Skyworth M20 smart TVs come with an IPS panel which has great viewing angles and can display great colors and details. Other features include a Quad Core processor, MHL connection, Sky Share and even DTS Sound. The TVs have a contrast ratio of 1200:1 and a refresh rate of 60Hz. All of these televisions will be bundled with 2 years comprehensive warranty as well.

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