Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones Review – Fun midrange cans

Skullcandy is a renowned brand of audio equipment. As the name suggests, the Skullcandy Hesh 3 are third in the Hesh-series, succeeding the popular Hesh 2. These mid-range wireless headphones, which is to say they aren’t very expensive but they aren’t cheap either. If you are planning on going wireless, are these the pair of headphones that you should invest in? Well, let’s discuss more in our Skullcandy Hesh 3 Review.

Design and Comfort

Unlike most cans from Skullcandy, the Hesh 3 look minimalistic and keep a low profile. There is nothing flashy about the design and these full-sized headphones look quite mature and inviting. The underside of the headband is cushioned, and the huge ear cups hold 40mm drivers.

There are only three buttons, audio jack, and micro USB charging port – all on the right cup. The battery housed inside is rated to last for 22 hours, but like most wireless headphones you won’t get a battery indicator.

They are quite lightweight and there is ample padding for comfort, but the clamping grip is quite tenacious which could be a problem with extended usage for anyone who has a big head or wears specs. The thick pads can largely block ambient noise as you’d expect them to.

The earcups swivel and fold into a compact bundle, which makes Hesh 3 quite portable, but Skullcandy hasn’t bundled any carry case in the retail box.


The Hesh 3 can pair to your phone using Bluetooth, but the aptX HD support is missing. In our testing, the Bluetooth connection proved to be remarkably stable over there range of 10 meters (33 feet)

As mentioned above, there are three control buttons on the right cup. You can long press the middle button to access voice assistant on your phone. You can long press the volume up and down button (for 3 seconds) to skip tracks. The middle button is for Play/pause as one would expect.

The battery can last for around 20 hours, but the more impressive feature is fast charging support. With just 10 minutes of charging, you will get enough battery juice to stretch for more than an hour. You can also use the traditional aux cable included in the box if you run out of battery juice.

Audio performance

The bass is something Skullcandy headphones tend to focus on, and the Hesh 3 doesn’t falter in this regards. You get strong bass that doesn’t get overwhelming. The mids are well tuned, especially the lower mids. The High-frequency sounds are what these cans specialize at.

Boosted Highs are clean, crisp and exciting – which is something most people would be able to appreciate. That’s exactly the sect Skullcandy is targeting – ‘most people’. These headphones aren’t for hardcore audiophiles who crave for a more balanced approach but should appeal to all others just fine.

We didn’t notice much distortion or noise, except for exceptionally loud levels where their use is impractical anyway.

Price and Verdict

The Skull Candy Hesh 3 is actually quite fun to listen to. People who prefer bass-heavy approach would like them a tad better, but these are decent headphones that should work fine for most people. At the same time, you might not find fancy features like active noise cancellation, but Skullcandy covers the basics fine and fast charging is a huge convenience.

We’d recommend that you try them first to know if the design and comfort suites your specific taste before you buy. For that, you can either buy them from an online store with a workable return policy or from offline stores where they are present on the retail shelves.

Priced at around Rs. 9,000 in India, the Hesh 3 are a good pair of headphones for those who aren’t hardcore audiophiles and aren’t willing to extend their budget to high-end Bluetooth earphones.

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