Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset Review – 3D Video Sound Recording Earphones

The Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset is a very unique piece of tech. It lets you record 3D sound on your iPhone, iPod, and the iPad. The headset connects to these devices using the Apple Lightning Connector and hence it is only compatible with these devices. Yes, it is available only for iOS devices.

The headset has the capability to record Binaural sounds thanks to the different microphones on both of the earpieces. You will read more about these headsets in this review of the Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset.

Inside the Box – First Look

The headset comes in a very simple box and opening up the box reveals the following contents.

  • A soft carry case
  • The main headset unit
  • Pair of ear tips in different sizes so you can choose the one that fits you the best.
  • User manual, warranty information etc.

That’s pretty much it in the box and Sennheiser has decided to keep things simple here. Looking at the main headset itself, it feels quite premium and solid and it should, because this thing retails at Rs. 19,999 in India.

The headset looks bulky but it is pretty light and doesn’t seem to hang from your ears even with the microphones present on both of the earpieces.

The ear tips that Sennheiser has used are good and they give you that itchy feeling in your ears like some of the other IEMs do. The whole of the headset is made up of premium polycarbonate and the microphones have a metal mesh over them.

The right ear piece’s cable also houses the normal microphone which can be used for day to day purposes like calling, recording voice memos etc. The main control panel is located at the joint of both the ear piece’s cable. The control panel houses the buttons and controls for everything that is on this headset.

Recording Performance

As mentioned, the headset is capable of recording binaural audio. The headset does it with the help of two microphones that are housed on both of the ear tips. These microphones are covered by a metal mesh which protects it.

The headset does a great job of recording binaural audio and it works with the iOS camera app. The headset is certified for Apple MFi lightning cable so it works seamlessly with the default camera app on your iOS device. Apart from that, you can also use it to record voice notes.

And boy do these recordings sound amazing! The microphones in this thing can record really good binaural audio. Be it you talking to someone and some noise in the background or just you typing on the keyboard. The recordings are amazing and they sound great. Sennheiser hasn’t skimped on the microphone quality here.

The control panel can be used if you want to switch between default recording levels or reduced recording levels. Totally up to you and both of them work really well.

Audio Listening Experience

The headset offers Active Noise Cancellation and it works pretty well. But don’t expect it to be on par with a brand like Bose. But trust me, it is not that bad. It works better than many of the so-called ANC headsets out there.

The earpieces are capable of producing good audio. The bass is good enough and the mids and lows are strong. All these things make the audio coming out of these headsets good. The headset also has a Transparent Hearing feature that will let you be aware of your surroundings. This keeps you safe if you are out there, walking and strolling through the streets.

The Enhanced Amplification features of the headset lets you enjoy 2x the surround sound experience.

Headset Control Panel

The control panel on the headset looks bulky but it isn’t heavy at all. It has an ANC switch along with the volume rockers and a track control button. There’s also a LED light to show the status and a switch that helps you control the microphones.

The track control button doubles up as a record and stop button for when you will be recording the audio on this thing.


At 19,999 INR this is an expensive product but it is still a great option to go for. Especially for people who record 3D and binaural audio along with their videos. This headset readily works with iOS devices and it comes with an iOS app. The iOS app is a great addition and it lets you control things like equalizer, ANC, Transparent Hearing and more.

I have no complaints from this headset apart from the fact that I expected a hard case instead of soft carrying case inside the box.

Review overview

Box Contents9.5
Build quality9.6
Recording Performance9.8
Audio Experience9.2
Noise Cancellation 8.2


At 19,999 INR this is an expensive product but it is still a great option to go for. Especially for people who record 3D and binaural audio along with their videos.

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