Samsung’s new Mobile Experience Centre in Bengaluru is the largest in the World

Samsung has opened up a new Mobile Experience Centre in Bengaluru which is also the largest MEC that the company has ever opened. Samsung, with its eye to make its position stronger in India has been actively investing and opening new institutions which also includes their largest smartphone factory which will be opened in Noida soon.

The Bengaluru’s Opera House on Brigade Road has been modified and renovated into what it is now called – Samsung Opera House and as per the company’s officials this is part of their Make in India initiative where the company wants to invest more in the Indian market to manufacture and sell devices made in factories in India.

The Korean tech giant also plans to open more Mobile Experience Centres across India soon with major cities of India in the works for the plans. Currently, the company has 10 different Indian cities in mind but they are yet to decide the order in which these Mobile Experience Centres will be built.

Samsung also plans to work on Bixby further to make their digital assistant more useful so that it can interact in local regional languages when there is enough demand and market outlook for the same. All these plans aside, the company hasn’t set any specific timelines for the announced projects right now.

Theย Mobile Experience Centre in Bengaluru offers firsthand experience of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence-based applications, Internet of Things (IoT) and much more which includes their 4D Sway Chair or Whiplash Pulsar 4D chair so that people can experience 360-degree VR with 3D movements.

Samsung will also be showcasing their line-up of smartphones and wearables along with other Samsung electronics includes QLED TVs, Smart TVs, Family Hub refrigerators and more. The MEC is supposed to have different zones for different appliances and the home appliance section will have live cooking demos using appliances like Samsung smart ovens and more.

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