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Wireless earbuds have already been a lot of controversies recently – after the Apple’s “courageous” attempt to remove the 3.5mm audio jack from the iPhone; people will now be forced to either use the headphones that connect through the Lightning Port or you can get a Bluetooth earphone to do the job. Apple also sells the 15,400 INR AirPods which will do the job too. But then, they are just a pair of wireless headphones.


But this post is not about Apple; this is about Samsung and their new Samsung Gear IconX which are a pair of wireless earphones that can do more than just playing music for you. Not only are they some really good Bluetooth earbuds, but they have a lot more to offer.

You also get an integrated fitness tracker and a heart rate monitor right inside these things. This post is a review of the Samsung Gear IconX and we will be looking at all the important aspects of them in detail. Let’s get started with the looks & design of these headphones.

Design, Build & Looks

The design of these earphones automatically makes it clear that there is no affair of any sort of wires on these things. Both of these individual earphones are wireless and can connect to a phone using just Bluetooth altogether.


While this may make you think that these have a possibility of getting lost, and they definitely do, but the design is good enough to hold the earphones in your ears unless you are going skydiving or bungee jumping wearing these earphones.

But the fit is so good that they might not fall out from your ears even during sky diving, who knows? We might test that out later.

These earphones come in a small box that is used for storing these earphones and to charge them as well. The box is quite small as you would expect and is quite handy if you want to carry it in your pocket. The great thing about the box is that it charges the earbuds when the lid of the box is closed so you will have a charged and ready to go IconX with you if there is enough juice in the box.


There are infrared sensors on the earbuds that detect the skin to activate them for use. The design is good enough to hold the earphones in place, as mentioned earlier. After you insert these into your ear, one can hardly notice that you have them on.

Gettings Started with Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung has provided the ease of using these earbuds with the help of the Gear Manager app that is available for Android (will be available for iOS soon). Even though the setup should be easy with the Gear Manager app, Samsung still hasn’t worked on the easiness.

One of the biggest things that will bother you will be the need for a PC to update your Samsung Gear IconX even though there is an app for the IconX already. You can choose which of the two earbuds is going to be the dominant one and you will be able to use it to take calls etc.


Music Playback on the Samsung Gear IconX

The Gear IconX come with 4GB onboard storage so you can also store the music directly on the IconX. But let’s talk about the audio quality since most people care about that here. The audio quality is good, but the volume is not very loud.

The audio itself is clear, and the bass is good on these things. There is an audio filter mode that will play your music lightly so you will be able to hear what’s going around you easily. This is good for those who have a habit of wearing earphones while driving or jogging.

Coming back to the 4GB onboard storage, loading music on these things is very easy. Just use the battery case of these earbuds and connect it to the PC and transfer the music files on this device using USB. Even though 4GB is not enough, it is good enough to store specific files that you don’t want on your phone.

Fitness and heart rate tracking on Samsung Gear IconX

Don’t forget that the Samsung Gear IconX is a fitness and heart rate tracker as well. Samsung is focussing on these features as the main selling point of these earbuds. You can sync these earbuds with S Health on your Android easily and then track your fitness.

Yes, the tracking features on IconX can work independently but to see your progress and tracking the statistics, you can sync it with S Health and some other apps like Strava, etc.

You also have the ability to track the heart rate and to do that, just tap and hold on one of the earbuds and the onboard voice assistant will notify you of the activation, and you are all set to go. But if the phone is connected to these earbuds, you will be able to track location, etc. with the help of GPS on your phone, but that will reduce the battery life.

The heart rate detection is decent and precise (if not accurate), and the fitness tracking features are also top notch.

Samsung Gear IconX Battery Life & Verdict

The battery life on these earbuds is only decent at best, and you can get an estimated time of 1.5 hours while you will be able to use it for playing music and to use it for the fitness tracking features. This is when the earbuds are connected to the phone and without that you will get better battery life for sure.

Good thing is that the case has its own battery and it can charge the earphones to give you an additional battery life (4-5 times).


This is a great new product from Samsung and has good design and audio quality. The only downside is the battery life, but if you are looking for the wireless earphones only, then this is the best choice you can get in the market.

Some users might think that at 13,490 INR these are expensive earphones, but if you compare them to other similar wireless earphones, then you will find Iconx to be more affordable.

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