Realme Smart Watch review: Stylish and worth the price

Not many brands have seen the kind of phenomenal rise that Realme did. In 2018, it started as a smartphone brand that made value-packed low-budget phones and in 2020 it has expanded into the premium mid-range space with the Realme X50 Pro 5G.  

Not stopping at the smartphone the company is now eyeing the smart home and wearable segment. Just recently it launched its first Smart TV and a SmartWatch in the Indian market with aggressive pricing- a hallmark of the brand.

Here we will, however, focus on the Realme Smart Watch while checking out the Realme TV some other day. The Realme Watch in just 4K price bracket is offering real-time heartbeat tracker, SpO2 tracker, and IP68 rating which are otherwise premium features found in many expensive wearables. Plus, inspired by Apple Watch’s design the Realme Smart Watch grabs attention at first glance.

However, design and features are not the only reasons one should but it. What matters is how this Smart Watch performs overall in real life. Well, we have tried to find it out in our review. Here is what we think about the Realme Smart Watch, so read on.

Pricing and box content

The Realme Smart Watch is priced at INR3,999 and is available to buy on Flipkart and Realme website. The Watch comes inside a slim vertical yellow box with specs and features printed over it. Inside the box, you will find the Realme Smart Watch, a magnetic charging dock with a USB cable, and a user manual.

Design, build and comfort

The Realme Smart Watch takes the design cues from Apple Watch as it comes with the square-shaped design though it is slightly elongated towards the top and the bottom. Upfront, bezels are noticeable. The chin is much thicker than we would have liked. A subtle Realme branding sits on the chin and can be noticed only when light falls on it.

On the right side, there is an accented physical button (its functionality later in the article) while on the bottom there are heart rate and SpO2 sensors along with pogo-pins for charging. The Watch comes with a default black-color removable silicon strap which is soft enough for a comfortable feel on your wrist. To enhance the look, however, one can buy different color straps including Blue, Red, and Green at INR4,99 apiece from Realme.

The Watch is very lightweight at 31 grams due to its all-plastic build. Despite the plastic, the Watch has a premium finish throughout. The display is protected by 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 while the Watch gets IP68 rating, meaning it is safe to wear your watch during the rain and swimming, swim tracker is though not a part of the features in the Realme Smart Watch.

Display, Interface, and controls

The Realme Smart Watch’s (not Always-on) display is 1.4-inch in size with 320×320 resolution and 380nits of brightness for the outdoor legibility. The screen looks bright under the harsh sun if the brightness level is increased. There are ten levels of brightness adjustment found in general settings that you can use. Overall the display is quite impressive but the thick bezels, especially the chin, as said earlier, spoils the party to some extent.

When it comes to usability, Realme Watch is simple to use. Pressing the power on/off button on the right side wakes up the display. The button also doubles as back key. There is also another way of waking up the display- just turn your wrist and you will get your display back to life.

If you swipe down you will get to see your messages while a swipe up will pop-up a list of supported features including Workouts, Camera, Music, Alarm, etc. Swiping left and right will summon different home screens including weather, heart rate counter, sleep monitor, and many more.

Pairing the Realme Link App with your handset is easy too. Just open the Bluetooth on your handset it will detect the Watch and you can pair it with a single tap. However, the Realme Link app doesn’t support iOS for now. So, Apple users, take note.

The Realme Watch runs a proprietary wearable software instead of Android Wear OS apparently for the cost-cutting. The UI navigation is good but there is still scope for improvement. Display touch response should have been better.

Though in the future, as per the company, more than 100 watch faces will be available, for now, users have to make choices from among only 12 available watch faces, which are, however, decent looking.

Features: Health, Fitness, and others

The heart rate monitor in the Realme Watch has improved from the company’s fitness band. It gives you real-time data and at specific intervals. It also sends alerts if the heart rate is abnormally high or low. We found the heart monitor reading along with step counts was mostly accurate and on par with any other premium smartwatches out there in the market.

The Watch automatically tracks walking and running; so the step counting is now a hassle-free affair. Sleep tracker gets the job done as well but it is little limited in dissecting ones full sleep pattern.  

The SpO2 monitor detects the blood-oxygen-level during the intensive workouts. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this feature will be further useful for checking if the oxygen level in blood is decreased since COVID-19 positive cases are found to be low in oxygen level.

The Realme Watch supports as many as 14 different sports modes including all the activities that you look for in a smartwatch. And the good part, all the sensors worked to our satisfaction.

You can see incoming calls, messages, and notifications from third-party apps on the display but can’t reply, which is a kind of disappointment. You can, however, control music and by taking the help of the Realme Link App’s “Remote Camera” feature you can click photos via your phone but by using the Watch as the camera shutter.

One more interesting feature the Realme Smart Watch has is a new “Water Reminder” feature which sends you reminders to drink water at set intervals.

Having said that all, no in-built GPS here; so, you have to accompany your phone, always. This is not an ideal situation for a device which you are calling a smartwatch.

Battery performance

The Realme Watch uses a 160mAh battery which can last up to a week depending on your usage pattern. A seven-days backup is promised with the heart rate monitor on, however, we got five days and a few hours longevity with the heart rate monitor set to a 30-minute interval, which is still good considering that the Realme Watch uses a proper color LCD display which consumes a bit more battery compared to normal transflective screen found in some other smartwatches.

Our Verdict 

Overall the Realme Smart Watch boasts of some great features but misses out on others as well. With its near-perfect heart rate monitor, IP68 certification, and inclusion of SpO2 monitor along with many other interesting features it shows a lot of promise for a first-ever watch from the company.

However, had the company provided the in-built GPS, capability to reply messages and calls, as well as the support of iOS right off the bat, the Realme Smart Watch would have been a great buy. But still, it is worth INR3,999. If you want to try out a stylish looking smartwatch without burning holes in your pocket, then the Realme Smart Watch is the way to go for you.

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