Orient Fans – A Class Apart!!

Does the statement “Yeh PSPO Nahi Jaanta” ring a bell with you? I am sure it does. I am talking about the popular Orient PSPO fans from the 1990s that took the fans industry by storm. A few days back, I got a chance to visit Orient Electric’s fans factory in Faridabad, Haryana and I must say here that they have come a long way now, with their new breed of technologically advanced premium fans. With a large customer base, Orient Electric Limited is one of the most widespread and known names in the Indian fans market.

The visit to the Orient factory gave me a detailed insight into manufacturing of fans. The visit actually revealed how much efforts the company is putting in to make high-quality fans for the more informed and demanding consumers of today.

To begin with

Before we start sharing our experience at the Orient factory, we would like to highlight that fans are no more a product purchase and have instead become a lifestyle purchase. A good-looking ceiling fan, with an under light or aerodynamic design or metallic finish, can totally transform the look of any room and space.

Orient Electric Fans – Great Technology & Amazing Range

We mentioned that we were invited to visit the Orient Electric factory based in Faridabad and we were able to understand the kind of technology and manufacturing processes Orient employs in order to manufacture these fans. We visited their Fans display zone which had a stunning range of fans installed inside. We were able to gather a lot of information about different fans and we would like to share details about some of the fans that we think are a way more advanced than what is available in the market.

Aero Series Premium Ceiling Fans

Orient Electric has this year launched two new premium fans – Aerostorm and Aerocool – in their Aero Series range of ceiling fans in order to provide options to people who want a modern fan that works efficiently, looks good and makes negligible noise. These fans are aerodynamically designed and it was amazing to experience their high delivery in person.

Aerostorm – January 2018

Inspired by the technologies used in manufacturing aircraft, Aerostorm is a modern ceiling fan from Orient Electric that was launched in India in January of 2018. The fan actually brings a bunch of improvements in terms of performance and design. The Aerostorm is a powerful fan that gives an air delivery of 300 CMM and uses an 18-pole motor in order to produce such a huge amount of air delivery.

It has a modern design that not only adds to the look of the fan but also makes sure that the blades aren’t creating air vortex and noise at the same time. The powerful motor when coupled with the 18 pole motor creates great air delivery to give your home a modern look without compromising the functionality. You can buy it from their website.

Aerocool – February 2018

The Aerocool model launched in February 2018 and this fan flaunts a unique design with a curvaceous silhouette. Like Aerostorm, this premium fan is also inspired by aerofoil design and winglet in blade technology. You have the same 18 pole motor and the winglet blade design that makes sure the fan gives you an air delivery of 300 CMM without making any noise.

Given the fact that we are exposed to so much noise in our daily lives, it makes sense to invest in silent fans like Aerostorm and Aerocool and bring some peace inside our living rooms.

You can buy it from their website.

Other Fan Offerings

Apart from Aerostorm and Aerocool, Orient carries a wide range of ceiling fans, table fans, stand fans and wall fans in different finishes and features to suit every space and style.

One can buy a fan like Calisto which comes with a warm LED light and a remote control for you to control your fan. It has four blades and you can use the remote to reverse the direction of the fan as well.

One of our favorite Orient fans is their Spectra Fan which has a LED light and it can be controlled using a remote. Users can change the LED color, LED intensity and Fan Speed using the provided remote.

Fact of the matter

In the end, we realized that even a small thing like a fan has a lot of technology, research and thought going into it and with the visit to Orient factory, we also saw how the company is steadfastly working towards building beautiful, efficient and innovative fans for the new-age consumers and homes.

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