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OPPO Pure Image 2.0+ : Get Best Camera Quality in Smartphones

OPPO is one of the leading smartphone company in the world which is known for bringing innovative and unique gadgets. Some of the innovative phones launched by OPPO are N1 which brought the concept of rotating camera where a single camera can be used as both rear camera and front camera. Another excellent piece of technology started by OPPO is Pure Image, which amazingly enhances the quality of camera and delivers some of the best images you can find via smartphones.

OPPO launched the Pure Image technology a year ago and brought in some wonderful features like slow shutter, Panorama, beautify and HDR.  Pure Image 2.0 carried the legacy of the first version and added even more amazing features like GIF, Ultra HD, Audio Photo and Raw photo. Now, OPPO is back with Pure Image 2.0+ which offers both the features of Pure Image and Pure Image 2.0, along with Expert Mode, auto panorama and double exposure.


This time OPPO has gone beyond expectation and has brought some stunning features. Pure Image 2.0+ boasts of following amazing modes and features:

  • Ultra HD mode allows you to take 50 MP photographs with Pure Image’s photo stitching feature.
  • Double exposure mode allows you to overlap two captured images so that you can transform photography into art.
  • Beautify 3.0 helps you in capturing beautiful selfies with detailed colors and crisp quality.
  • Auto Panorama feature is capable of capturing panorama pictures without any effort. You can either use it manually or it can be used remotely to capture a panorama shot.
  • The Super Zoom features brings all the details available in the picture. It helps in capturing the slightest and minute details in the picture.
  • Pure Image 2.0+ has got the best low light vision available in the market. It can make a low light picture look like it was clicked in a day time thanks to super lens used in the technology.
  • Slow Shutter mode allows you to capture the trace of light by long time exposing. So, now you don’t need a DSLR to capture moving vehicles or light. Pure Image 2.0+ is enough.
  • The HDR features combines a picture by several times of exposure to generate more detailed and natural pictures.
  • Different focus mode allows you to click those perfect images which you always dreamed of.

Pure Image 2.0+ is compatible with N3, R5, Find 7, Find 7a, N1 mini, N1, R1, Mirror 3 and Joy Plus. Click here to know more about Pure Image 2.0+.

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