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Nokia Lumia 800 Email Client & Nokia Drive Review

Recently we wrote about Nokia Lumia 800 Review on Gadget Diary. Today we would be reviewing 2 special features present in Lumia 800 which makes it stand out from the crowd in the smartphone market. These 2 features are Nokia Drive, an application which provides turn by turn voice navigation and In-built support for various email and other accounts such as twitter and facebook.

Nokia Drive

Recently we went to G L Bajaj Institute in Greater Noida for some work. We booked a cab to reach the location but unfortunately even the cab driver didn’t knew the location of the Institute. So I decided to put Nokia Lumia 800’s Nokia Drive on the test. I had already downloaded and installed Delhi and other state Maps on the phone few days back. Advantage of downloading and installing map beforehand is that the app does not need to download map data while navigation is on which ensures faster updation of your location on the map. You can also download and install navigation voices in various languages.

So we started the Nokia Drive Application and selected the set destination option. We selected the desired destination and clicked Drive to option which was being displayed on the screen.

nokia drive option

The application then shows distance between your current location and the destination and the time required to reach the destination. For starting the turn by turn navigation click start and then turn by turn voice navigation would start.The screen displays the route, Distance left and Speed in Km/h. You can navigate your way using either 2D or 3D map.

nokia drive start

We even tested default navigation present on Android devices using google maps. We found Nokia Drive to much better and accurate then the Google Maps Navigation due to the following reasons :

1. Accurate Speed monitoring – Nokia Drive displays nearly correct Speed of the Vehicle. We found that it displays correct speed with a maximum error of  around 5 km/h.

2. Auto Route Update – What if by chance you take a wrong turn? Don’t Worry Nokia Drive automatically updates the route. In fact this is one of the best feature of nokia drive. Whereas in case of google maps navigation it keep on showing the same path and tell us to take a U turn and move back on the same path.

3.  Accurate Map : Nokia Drive uses Nokia maps and found them to be more accurate and updated than google maps. Google Maps navigation showed a path during navigation which does not exist. Maybe there was a path long back but now that path was no longer accessible whereas Nokia Maps shows the updated path and no such problem occurred during navigation by Nokia Drive.

nokia drive speed

We reached our destination using the Nokia Drive without any problems. We were totally dependent on the Nokia Drive app for the navigation and it dd not let us down. Overall we are really impressed by the Nokia Drive present in Lumia 800.

In-Built Email Client

Nokia Lumia 800 Comes with In-built support for various email and other accounts. By Default it supports Window live, Nokia mail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Accounts but you can even add other accounts which follow POP and IMAP protocols. We added our and Synchronized our Windows Live, Twitter, Facebook and Gmail Account with the Nokia Lumia 800.

email accounts

After Adding the required Accounts, you can access the notifications from those account at a single place. Just open the Me tile on the home screen of Lumia 800 for accessing your windows live, facebook and twitter updates. You can even post a message to your different accounts let say Facebook and twitter simultaneously using the post a message option. You get all the notifications from your different accounts at a single place.

nokia lumia accounts

You can even reply to the tweets or retweet without any problems. You can easily view facebook updates, comment on the tagged posts or images and like them. You can even add and view the tags present in the images. What I liked the most is that it even allows you to save the facebook images directly on your phone or to use them as wallpaper.

Now lets talk about the In-built support for Email accounts like Gmail. Once i added my gmail account it started synchronizing the content. It took a while for the phone to synchronize the emails as by default it download emails for the past 7 days. You can set the time period  for downloading new content and can even set option to download emails from last 3 days , 7 days or much older emails. You can choose to synchronize the email, contacts and calendar.

nokia lumia mail

After synchronizing the Gmail account you get a separate option to access the mail namely Google Mail. The user interface is pretty decent. We tried all the features i.e Reading an email, replying to the email, composing new email, searching emails, deleting email etc and everything worked perfectly. I tried to compare the google mail feature of Lumia 800 with android default gmail app. We found them both of them worked seamlessly without any problems but it would be difficult to tell which one is best as we found both of them equally good.

Overall the In-built support for various email and other accounts provided by Lumia 800 is simply awesome. We would soon try to capture a detailed video review of the two features mentioned above.


  1. I cannot attach pdf file from my lumia phone .suggest me the browsers apart from ucweb 2.0.from where I can download songs. Kindly help me out.

  2. That sounds like a paid review. Windows phone gmail support is pretty limited compared to the androids one. There is no suppirt for attached smtp email accounts to gmail. Otherwords you can send emails only from your gmail email

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