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Nokia Lumia 510 Review

Nokia Lumia 510 was launched in November in India. It is the most affordable Nokia Lumia smartphone available in the market. It is available in India at a best buy price of around Rs 9,999.

nokia lumia 510 in hand

Lumia 510 provides nearly the same experiece as provided by other higher priced windows smartphones at a much lesser cost. Recently we did the Unboxing of the Nokia Lumia 510 and to know more about the Nokia Lumia 510 retail box contents check out our Unboxing of the Nokia Lumia 510.

Display & Design

Nokia Lumia 510 comes with a 4 inch TFT capacitive touch screen display with 480×800 pixels resolution. The screen is quite responsive and easy to use even in the direct sunlight. It is a an entry level windows smartphone but still the screen is bigger than Lumia 800 though the quality is not as good as Lumia 800. The design of the phone is somewhat adopted from Lumia 610 and 710 but you can still easily distinguish the device from these handsets.

nokia lumia 510 screen

The phone is quite light weight and weighs around 129 grams. It has a dimension of 120.7 x 64.9 x 11.5 mm. Above the display you have a earpiece and a hidden proximity sensor. There is no front facing camera present on the phone for video calling.

nokia lumia 510 above display

Below the display you have 3 capacitive touch buttons, for back, home and search. The buttons are well spaced and work well without any problems.

nokia lumia 510 touch buttons

Just like other windows phones the touch buttons present on the Lumia 510 can also be used to perform additional functionalities such as switching between various applications. You can check out our video about Nokia Lumia 510 touch buttons tips and tricks below :

Nokia Lumia 510 has a soft touch texture on the back panel. The gentle curve of the back of the phone makes it comfortable to hold and use. The back panel catches dust and finger smudges easily. On the back you have a 5 megapixel autofocus camera, Nokia branding and a speaker grill. The phone comes with a removable back cover and underneath it you would find a slot to insert the micro SIM card and battery.

nokia lumia 510 back

At the top of the phone there is just a 3.5mm audio jack.

nokia lumia 510 top

At the bottom of the phone you have a micro USB port for charging your phone as well as for data transfer.

nokia lumia 510 bottom

On the right side you have a volume rocker, power/lock key and a dedicated camera key. We personally like the smartphones which comes with a dedicated camera key as it makes it easier to capture images. The tactile feedback of the keys is quite good.

nokia lumia 510 right

On the left side you do not have any key/button or port. You just have a small notch present on the left side to open the back panel.

nokia lumia 510 left

Overall the build quality and design of the Nokia Lumia 510 is quite good. The soft touch texture on the back panel and the gentle curve of the back makes it easy to hold and use. Only downside of the device in terms of build quality and design is the back panel which catches dust and finger smudges easily.

Hardware & Performance

Nokia Lumia 510 comes with a 800Mhz Cortex A5 processor coupled with 256MB RAM. Though the RAM is quite low and we had expected atleast 512MB of RAM but still it is able to handle most of your daily tasks and applications. You might face a minor lag in the phone while using the device. Due to lower RAM you won’t be able to install all the applications present in the Windows Store as many applications require more than 256MB RAM. Considering it to be an entry level smartphone the phone performed quite well in the benchmarking. We even made a video describing various hardware specifications of the device and benchmark results.

You can enjoy also enjoy various games on your Lumia 510. Though you won’t be able to enjoy all the games present on the Windows Store since few games require more than 256MB RAM but the device can handle majority of the games. We did a small gaming test on the device where we played few racing games on the device like asphalt 5 and a action game splinter cell. The phone performed pretty well in these tests and you can check out below videos to see how does the phone performs while playing these games :

The phone comes with a 4GB internal storage out of which just 2.5GB is available for the use and it cannot be expanded as the device does not have a micro SD slot. Though the device comes with a 7GB skydrive storage but it cannot be considered as a proper replacement of the onboard storage. You if you were thinking to store lot of music and videos on your Lumia 510, think again.

Talking about the connectivity features, the phone comes with Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi and HSDPA. One of the disadvantages of the Windows phone is that you need Zune Software for transferring files between your PC and mobile. You cannot directly use the phone as a mass storage device. Nokia Lumia 510 has good music and video playback. The loudspeaker present on the device is pretty loud and clear. For checking the music and video playback quality of the phone watch the below video:


Lumia 510 comes with Windows Phone 7.5 OS and Nokia have started rolling out the 7.8 update for the device. Just like any other Windows Smartphone Lumia 510 comes with a live tiles homescreen. The phone comes with some great Nokia Specific apps like Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Music etc. Nokia Drive is the best turn by turn voice navigation app. It is highly accurate and you can never get lost if you have a Lumia smartphone with you.

You also get various other apps like TuneIn Radio, CNN, Sports Tracker etc preinstalled on the phone. The default music player present on the device is capable of playing nearly all the major music formats and you won’t face any problem in playing your favorite music tracks.

The email client and Nokia Drive is same as that present on Lumia 800 so you can check out our review of the Email Client & Nokia Drive on the Lumia 800. The default browser i.e Internet Explorer present on the phone works well. It does not support flash but still you would have a decent browsing experience.


Taking about the Camera on Nokia Lumia 510, it comes with a 5 megapixel autofocus camera which can capture images at 2596х1948 pixels resolution. There is no LED flash provided with the camera. So you won’t be able to take good images in low light and dark conditions. Also there is no front facing camera present on the device which is generally used for video calling. The camera interface on the Lumia 510 is quite simple and easy to use.

nokia lumia 510 camera interface

The phone comes with a dedicated camera key which is quite useful for the users who are looking forward to capture lot of images using the Lumia 510. Here is a short video about the Lumia 510 camera interface, various settings and some tips & tricks regarding the camera so that you can capture some great images.

Here are few sample images taken with the Nokia Lumia 510 camera :

WP_000002 WP_000004 WP_000005 WP_000008 WP_000018 WP_000013

The camera is also capable of recording VGA videos at 30fps. Here is a sample video recorded using the Nokia Lumia 510 camera :

Battery Life

Nokia Lumia 510 comes with a 1300mAh removable battery. It has a rated standby time of around 653 hours on 3G and a talk time of around 7 hours.

nokia lumia 510 battery

With moderate usage the phone lasted for around one and a half days. Even for heavy usage the battery can easily last for a day. So in either case you need to charge your phone daily.


First of all Nokia Lumia 510 is really an affordable Windows Smartphone with great build quality and design. If you have low budget and you want to use a Windows Smartphone then you can opt for this device. But if you can spend little more money then you should select Lumia 710 which offers better performance and overcomes all the limitations present in the Lumia 510 like limited storage and Low RAM.


  • Affordable Price
  • Good Build Quality
  • Nokia Specific Apps like Nokia Drive
  • Large 4 inch touch screen


  • Low RAM
  • Limited Storage
  • No LED flash


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