Microsoft Surface Book 2 launched: 8th Gen quad-core i5 chipset, 8GB RAM, and 256GB storage

Few days ahead of its “Surface Event”, which is slated to take place on April 17 in New York, Microsoft has quietly launched the Surface Book 2 with 8th Gen Intel quad-core i5 processor. With this Redmond-based tech behemoth has filled a gaping hole in the Surface Book 2 lineup which was hitherto available only in 7th Gen Intel dual-core i5 and 8th Gen Intel quad-core i7 variants.

First thing first, the new entrant with 8th Gen quad-core i5 processor is, however, only offered in 13-inch laptop category.

The new Surface Book 2 comes with quad-core i5-8350 CPU with 1.7GHz base frequency and 3.6GHz Max Turbo frequency, offering sufficient guts to the processor for smooth multi-tasking. It comes with 8GB RAM and 256 SSD storage. The model, however, still misses on dedicated Nvidia GeForce discrete graphics although it is available in the existing quad-core i7 model that is pricier too. The new variant makes good with Intel HD Graphics 620, however.


The rest of the specs are identical to the previous version with 13.5-inch 300×2000 PixelSense touchscreen display and 8MP rear camera along with 5MP up-front selfie camera. The backlight keyboard is detachable. On the connectivity front, new Surface Book 2 includes 1 USB Type-A ports, 1 USB Type-C port, SD card slot, Surface connect, and an audio jack.

The 8th Gen quad-core i5 model is priced judiciously as it comes with USD1,499 (Approx. INR1,04,000), exactly at the same price the dual-core 7th Gen i5 model was initially launched with. Nevertheless, Microsoft has now reduced the price of the latter to USD1,299 (Approx. INR90,000).

And for your information, the high rung, 8th Gen quad-core i7 model retails at a whopping USD3,299 (Approx. INR2,29,000), obviously for its powerful internals which include Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, 16GB RAM, and 1TB storage.


Microsoft has its “Surface Event” planned for April 17 in New York where it is likely to announce the pricing and availability for its Surface Hub 2 hardware, associated accessories, and furniture from Steelcase.

Though previously it was rumored that we might also see the Surface Book 3 at the event, it now seems improbable. Since a refresh to the Surface Book 2 has just been introduced the launch of the Surface Book 3, we presume, is likely pushed back a couple of months.

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