Logitech G Review – G500s, G510s, and G230

Logitech is one of the largest provider of personal computer and tablets accessories across the world. They have a special G series for gaming peripherals. Earlier this year Logitech launched many new products under the G Series and today we are going to share our review about 3 of those products. These are Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard, G500s Laser Gaming Mouse and G230 Stereo Gaming headset.

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We were looking for a complete gaming solution for a gamer where he/she can get a gaming keyboard, mouse and headsets in a decent budget. So we decided to pick the above mentioned gaming accessories from Logitech as the combined cost for these devices is less than Rs 15,000. Yes, you are getting 3 great gaming accessories for less than Rs 15,000. But are they even worth this price? Should you go for these gaming accessories? Read on to find out.

Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G Series keyboards have always been popular among the gamers. In an effort to take gaming to a whole new level, Logitech released the G510s gaming keyboard which features an embedded LCD screen and 18 programmable G-keys. The keyboard is available at a best buy price of around Rs 6,200.

logitech g510s To customize the programmable keys or for setting the profiles and recording macros you need to download the Logitech gaming software from their site. You can then use the software to program the 18 G keys present on the left side of the keyboard.

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Once you connect the keyboard to your system via USB port you can launch the software to make changes to the LCD display and you can even adjust the colors of the backlit keys. Though you cannot adjust the colors of specific keys or zones but you can still adjust the brightness level.

The LCD screen in the G510s displays the real-time game stats, system information and VoIP communication data. Cool isn’t ?

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The W, A, S and D letter keys have a silver coating so that they look different from the rest of the keys which are black in color. On the upper right corner you will find the full set of media control keys along with a rubberized roller for increasing or decreasing the volume.

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On the upper left corner you will find a gaming mode switch key (Joystick) which can be used to disable windows and other short cut keys while playing the games. The keyboard does not have any USB ports but it does have audio jacks for the mic and headphones. You also have the keys to enable/disable the mic and headphones.

logitech g510s (5)logitech g510s (6)While playing a first person shooter or racing game we did not face any kind of problem with keyboard. Overall, G510s is a great gaming keyboard and it is very comfortable and easy to use. Users can easily customize the programmable keys and other features of the keyboard via a gaming software provided by the company. Features such as LCD display, 18 programmable keys, media keys etc gives it an advantage over other gaming keyboards available in the market.

Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse

G500s is one of the mouse gamers would love to use. It fits perfectly into hands and has textured surfaces in major areas which improves the overall grip of the hand on the mouse. G500s is available in the market for Rs 4,500.

logitech g500sG500s comes with a customizable scroll wheel with two modes – free spinning and a click to click mode. Users can switch between these modes by pressing the button present below the scroll wheel. The free spinning mode can be used while browsing whereas click to click mode is useful while navigating through menus.

logitech g500s (2)On the left side of the mouse you will find the DPI adjusting keys. (+ and -). This is quite handy for the people who love to play first person shooter games as they can quickly adjust the DPI levels. For example a gamer requires different DPI levels while using a sniper or while using a machine gun. There is a blue light indicator which indicates the DPI level.

logitech g500s (5)One of the best features of G500s is a small compartment in its undercarriage which can hold upto 27 grams of weight. Gamers can use these additional weights to adjust center of gravity of the mouse for better gaming experience. You can press the button present below the mouse to take out the small tray which can hold upto 6 small weights.

logitech g500s (4)Logitech has provided 1.5 and 4.5 gram weights with the mouse which users can put in the tray and adjust the weight and center of gravity of mouse according to their preferences.

logitech g500s (3)The G500s comes with 10 programmable buttons, 200dpi – 8200dpi Laser, 2 Meter USB Cord and Low-friction Feet which makes it one of the best gaming mouse in the segment. We really like the G500s as a gaming mouse though we personally found the weight balance to be useless but it might help few gamers.

Logitech G230 Gaming Headsets

After selecting the mouse and keyboard the next thing a gamer looks for is the headphones.

logitech g230

Logitech G230 is one those headsets which is not only awesome in terms of performance but also in terms of design and looks. The headsets comes red headband and ear pad lining along with black frame. There is a silver G printed on both the ear cups.

logitech g230 (3)Users can easily adjust the headband height and ear cups are specially for designed for comfort and to withstand heat and sweat. So gamers now don’t need to worry about those long gaming sessions as G230 is a very comfortable headset.

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G230 comes with a microphone extending from left ear cup and you can easily mute the mic or adjust volume using the in-line controls.

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While playing games, we could really feel the difference between G230 and any other ordinary headphones. The sound quality was exceptionally good and the noise cancellation is pretty decent. The volume at full level literally blasted our ears off and sound leakage is minimal. The person sitting next was not able to hear the sound from the G230.

G230 is available in India for a best buy price of Rs 4,100 which makes them one of the best Gaming Headsets in this price segment.

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