Lenovo Ideapad S145 14-inch laptop Review | Affordable laptop for Students ?

When it comes to Laptops, Lenovo is one of the most popular and favourite brands of users. Well, the company is always looking forward to serving its customers with the best in price products along with good service. That’s one of the main reasons why the company has grown so much and almost everybody knows about it. Well, just in case if you missed it or didn’t know, Lenovo has recently released a brand new Laptop offering for the users. Here, we are talking about the Lenovo Ideapad S145 14-inch Laptop.

Now, if you are out in the market looking for a good Laptop on a budget, then you should consider taking a look at this brand new offering from Lenovo. We would be sharing everything you need to know about the Lenovo Ideapad S145 14-inch Laptop. So without any further, we do, let us take a look at the Lenovo Ideapad S145 14-inch Laptop Review. Shall we?


Here is a quick look at the specifications of the Lenovo Ideapad S145:

  • 7th Generation AMD A6-9225 APU
  • 4 GB/8 GB RAM
  • 1 TB SATA HDD (optional 256 GB PCIe Gen3x2 NVMe M.2 SSD)
  • Radeon™ R4 Graphics Card
  • 14”, Full HD (1920 x 1080) Anti-Glare Display.
  • Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home
  • I/O Ports:
    • 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 13
    • 1 x USB 2.0
    • 1 x HDMI™ 1.4b
    • SD Card Reader
    • 5 mm Stereo Headphone
    • and Microphone Combo Audio Jack

As you might have already guessed by the above specifications, the laptop is focused for everyday use and has some decent power under the hood. Taking a first look at the specifications, we can say that this laptop would be able to handle day to day tasks pretty easily. With that being said, let us now take a look at the Design and Build.

Design and Build

The Lenovo Ideapad S145 looks pretty similar to any other laptop at this price point. Now, the laptop does have a decent build quality. We did not notice any flex at the hinge area as well. So thumbs up to the Lenovo for maintaining the build quality of this laptop. The lid of the laptop is pretty clean.

There is just a branding of Lenovo to the side, despite that the lid is pretty clean and is not a fingerprint magnet at all. Opening up the lid of the laptop, you will be greeted with a 14 inch Full HD Anti-Glare display. Now, there is a narrow bezel on 2 sides which we really liked.

These bezels really help in popping up the display which makes it look pretty good. To the right, we can find an AC power in, HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.1 and another USB 3.1 ports. Coming to the left of the device, you will be able to find the headphone jack along with a card reader slot. The laptop is pretty light and weighs only 1.6kg which makes it a good pick for travellers.


The display on the Lenovo Ideapad S145 is a 14 inch Full HD Resolution with Anti Glare coating on it. The display is good enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. However, we won’t really recommend you use this laptop outdoors under the direct sunlight as it does not have the best sunlight eligibility display. There is an anti-glare coating on the laptop which does help reducing glares. However, the colours on this IPS Display looks pretty natural.

The laptop has a maximum brightness of 220 nits which is decent. That’s the reason why it won’t give the best visibility under direct sunlight. That being said, the laptop does have a webcam along with a microphone for those of you who were wondering.

Hardware – Processing & GPU Performance

The internals of the Lenovo Ideapad S145 is a decently good performer. The laptop comes with an AMD A6-9225 APU from 7th generation along with 4/ 8 GB of DDR4 RAM. That being said, the performance of this machine is pretty good. Coming to the Graphics, the Lenovo Ideapad S145 features a Radeon™ R4 Graphics Card or GPU.

Now, this laptop is not meant for gaming and therefore gaming performance on this laptop was below average We don’t expect a lot of power from it. But still, you would be able to play some famous titles like CS Go or PUBG PC Lite at low settings. However, you should not expect high-end gaming titles to run on this laptop.

You can run applications like Microsoft word, google chrome, paint, ms excel etc without any issues. This is a good option for students The laptop also features 2 x 1.5W Speakers with Dolby Audio™ which produces some great sound.

Storage & Memory (RAM)

The Lenovo Ideapad S145 comes with a 1 TB SATA HDD but you do have the SSD and dual storage options. Yes, in case of dual storage variant, the laptop comes with hybrid storage options which is a great thing in our opinion. The M.2 SSD can also be replaced or upgraded in the future pretty easily. Alternatively, you can also insert a 2.5 inch SATA Drive into this slot.

Taling about the Memory, the Lenovo Ideapad S145 laptop comes with 4/8 GB RAM which has some decent speeds. There is actually a single stick of RAM inside this laptop. All in all, we can say that the Lenovo has done a pretty good job here with the Hybrid Storage option. We would recommend you to install your operating system on the SSD for better performance.

Keyboard & Trackpad

The keyboard on the Lenovo Ideapad S145 is a standard chiclet keyboard which does not come with any backlit at all. There is enough space between the keys. If you are using any 14-inch Laptop with a standard chiclet keyboard, then the chances are that you will get used to this device pretty quickly.

There is minimal to no sound with the keyboard which some users may or may not like. There is a soft finish on the keys which helps in a nice grip and that does not let your finger slide. The trackpad on the Lenovo Ideapad S145 is pretty huge. The 2 physical trackpad keys are integrated below the trackpad, so it does look pretty neat and clean.

Final Verdict

To conclude this review, we can say that the Lenovo Ideapad S145 is a really good pick for those of you who are looking out for a laptop on a budget and does not care about gaming or running high-end applications. The laptop comes in 2 different RAM variants, the 4 GB and the 8GB one. Also, there is another version of this laptop with a 15-inch display. The battery life of this laptop is around 4.5 hours which is good enough for most users. Finally, the laptop comes in 3 different colours, Granite Black Glossy, Granite Black Texture, and Platinum Grey Glossy.

The price for the new Ideapad S145 will be from 20K to 30K INR depending on the configuration you opt for. At this price, we believe this is a decent option for students or travellers who want an affordable laptop for consuming multimedia content and carry out light work.

Review overview

Design & Build8.4
Hardware & Performance7.8
Storage & Memory8
Keyboard & Trackpad8.2


This is a decent option for students or travellers who want an affordable laptop for consuming multimedia content and carry out light work.

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