Jio announces JioGigaFiber – 1GBps fiber broadband, GigaTV Set-top box and more

Along with the JioPhone 2, Jio also announced JioGigaFiber today. The JioGigaFiber is a connected home solution with a suite of different things.

The JioGigaFiber brings a broadband connection to your home or office with a speed that can be up to 1Gbps. It comes with the GigaRouter and the GigaTV set-top box that will allow you to watch Live TV with the JioTV app.

You will be able to access other Jio services like JioCinema, JioTV video calling which will be a party based video conferencing solution and more. The whole setup will come with a Jio Remote which will include features like voice control and more. It will also work as a regular remote for your set-top box.

Apart from this, this new service brings a suite of smart home services as well. You will be able to connect a lot of things at your home with the Smart Home solutions which include normal home appliances, smart plugs, smart speakers and more. You have accessories like smoke sensor, water and gas leak sensors, smart plugs and more.

All these things will be controlled from the Jio Smart Home app that will help you control the lights, appliances, and sensors. Jio claims that the whole JioGigaFiber setup that includes fiber broadband, GigaTV, and the smart appliances will be set up in 1 hour at the places of installation.

Reliance Jio has plans for running beta testing for the JioGigaFiber service in tens of thousands of homes in India to see how well the service performs and also so that they can iron out the issues that they might discover in this huge trial phase.

You will be able to register for the JioGigaFiber starting 15th August from the MyJio app and the website. Jio is looking forward to rolling the beta testing out to localities they gather most interest from.

The JioGigaFiber, once implemented will be India’s largest broadband network and service.

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