Intel unveils Education 2-in-1 reference design for a transformed learning environment

Understanding the need for improvement in schooling in the Indian education scenario, Intel on June 25, 2014 had launched a revolutionary product which can change the way teachers teaches students. Implementing student-centered learning in order to drive student success in school and beyond, Intel have launched Education 2 in 1.

Intel Education 2 in 1 launch

Intel is directly getting involved with the education programs to provide an experience which benefits both students and the teachers. This is a digital stage where computer is an essential part of our growth cycle and observing the technological gap in this sector which is still there Intel has tried to bridge the same using their innovations which will result in bright future innovators.

At the event, Intel unveiled its first ever 2-in-1 reference design which can lead to better products in coming future. The Intel Education 2-in-1 has the flexibility and mobility of a tablet along with the performance and productivity of a laptop. It gets detached giving a real feel of a 10.1-inch tablet running Windows 8.1. It is water proof, dust proof, shock proof, basically perfect for kids. It runs on an Intel Atom Z3740D processor along with long battery life which accommodate hours of usage without hiccups.

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