Huawei focuses on AI – Plans to launch AI enhanced phones in India

Huawei today sent out press releases to media houses showcasing their plans related to focusing on launching AI enhanced smartphones in India. In the current market, Huawei already has a bunch of phones with AI-based features in India. As per Huawei, 90% of the smartphone users in India will be using AI-based features in their smartphones by 2025. These AI based smartphones provide a bunch of amazing features related to the camera, how the firmware works, user-specific customized experiences and more.

The Huawei P20 Pro comes with AI capabilities but as per the company, the smartphones launched in the future will have better AI features to provide the users with great smartphone user experiences. Huawei will be using their R&D department to provide better smartphones that not only come with great specifications but also great AI features. These smartphones will be able to provide a customer-specific experience by learning how the end user uses their phone, thereby improving the whole experience with the learnings.

To achieve this, Huawei has been working on new chipsets and one example can be seen in the Kirin 970 chipset that Huawei manufactures for their flagship smartphones. The Kirin 970 chipset comes with an NPU or Neural Processing Unit that is used as a dedicated chip for handling the AI. Huawei plans to use these chipsets to provide better computing, better multimedia, better camera and overall, a better smartphone experience to the users.

The chipset will be powering Huawei’s very own UI on these smartphones. We all know that Android smartphones suffer from a very strange issue and they slow down over the course of time. Huawei’s R&D will be looking at the issue and new improvements will be launched with the launch of EMUI 8.2 which is Huawei’s very own skin for Android. The UI will be optimized for Kirin chipsets which will be utilizing the AI functionality and tech in order to give the best possible UI experience on Huawei smartphones to the users.

Recent Huawei smartphones also come with GPU Turbo which is Huawei’s way of boosting the gaming experience for users who will be playing games on their Huawei smartphones. The GPU Turbo tech will be boosting the onboard GPU in order to provide a better gaming experience and Huawei plans to use AI to provide the users with the same. The AI will also help you save more than 30% of the power that is consumed when a user is gaming on their smartphone.

We can expect the Huawei smartphones that are going to be launched in India soon to come with AI features for sure and now we just have to wait and see what Huawei has in store for their users in India with the upcoming Huawei 9N.

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