How to get rid of adsmatte Adware

Adsmatte adware is something that has been troubling lots of people lately. The most surprising fact about this adware is that it is not being detected by any of the anti-virus applications installed across various platform such as iOS, Windows OS or Android (such as Dr Web, Avira, Kaspersky and similar others). Users at Android Forum and XDA Forum have been complaining about this adware a lot lately.


This adware does not allow a user to navigate to his desirable website. The moment any website loads completely it redirects the user to a different page, which asks that user either to download a random application or lands him/her over a spam webpage.

If you are one of those users who have been affected by this adware, then I can understand how annoying it is as it does not let you open any webpage in any app. For instance, if you have been using NDTV app to check the latest news articles then this adware will not let your read the news but navigate you to different

If you are using a Chrome on any of your smartphone, then go to Settings (Inside Chrome App), then Site Settings and then remove the checkbox from JavaSript.


Apart from this, if there is any other browser on your smartphone then you have the option of turning Java Script off. You will just have dig up the Settings section of that browser to find that options.


With this method, we will be helping you with a temporarysolution which will allow you browse with a certain restrictions. You just need to turn off the Java Script on your browser and this adware will not be able to redirect you anywhere.

We understand that disabling Java Script will block most of the functionalities of a website but as of now this is the best solution one can have access to. We are currently working to find a way of eliminating this adware completely and we will let you know as soon as it’s done. So, stay tuned to get more updates about it.

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