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Here’s how the Honor 8X shinesout the competition in terms of everything!

The Honor 8X as a smartphone in the mid-range segment brings a lot of things that other smartphones in the very same segment don’t. The phone itself comes with significant improvements and additions over the last year’s Honor 7X. The Honor 7X was a great smartphone on its own which was proven by the customer’s love and that showed in the sales number as well.

This year’s successor to the line-up, the Honor 8X is a great smartphone with a new SoC, a new design and a lot of features. Let us take a look at the features that Honor 8X comes with that makes the smartphone stands out from the rest of the competition.

Amazing Design

The Honor 8X comes with a completely new design and follows the same path that all Honor phones follow when it comes to design and build. Almost all the Honor phones out there come with design features that make them different from the competition.

The same stands true for the Honor 8X. The new smartphone comes with a completely new design especially the back. The back of the phone is covered with glass and Honor is calling this the aurora glass body. The company is using a thin border design on the back with a grating effect under the glass that gives the back a two-tone look.

Honor 8X has a metal frame which makes the phone sturdy and the glass being used here has 2.5D edges to make the edges smoother. If you compare the design with smartphones in the same segment, you will notice that they mostly have a monotonous design with a back that is very similar to one another. This gives the Honor 8X an edge over the competition.

FullView 2.0 Display

The Honor 8X comes with a huge 6.5-inch FullView 2.0 Display and thanks to the notch, the display has a screen-to-body ratio of about 91% which is huge when you compare it with other smartphones in the very same segment.

The chin on the phone is also very thin with a thickness of mere 4.25mm and the Notch Display makes sure that the top part of the phone is being used for the screen which is a definitive improvement over the Honor 7X.

The display is using the Chip-on-Film (COF) technology that also has a very special design for the antenna which hides them. Honor 8X’s display, even if the size being 6.5-inch, makes the phone feel like a phone that has a normal display size of 5.5-inch.

Camera & Imaging

When it comes with adding AI features to the camera, Honor’s name should be on the top. The Honor 8X comes with a dual camera setup on the back that consists of a 20 MP and a 2 MP sensor. The front of the phone sports a 16 MP sensor and both of these camera systems are loaded with AI features.

First, you have the AI scene recognition that can recognize more than 500 scenes in 22 categories and by doing this, it can automatically capture images with settings that work best for the scene. The AI features are also carried over to the night mode which makes the phone a great camera for low-light photography.

Of course, since the rear camera system has dual sensors, you can even shoot enhanced portrait mode photos with advanced edge detection for perfect bokeh effects. Honor also makes sure that the photos being taken have accurate colors and the camera features help there as well.

Coming to the front camera, the photos taken by the 16 MP selfie shooter are quite impressive and technically, the camera allows 2 times more light to the sensor making the photos look more detailed and bright.

You also get some miscellaneous features like super slow-motion video recording which can record videos at 480fps. You can also use the rear camera for AR or Augmented Reality applications.

Top of the line performance

Honor 8X comes with an octa-core Kirin 710 processor which is a beast when you compare it to last year’s Honor 7X. The Kirin 710 processor has a boost in performance that is unbelievable. It has a single-core CPU usage improvement of about 75% which is a huge thing for apps and their performance. This will also help you browse the internet without lag or performance issues.

The Kirin 710 is built on a 12nm processor platform with 4 cores clocked at 2.2GHz and 4 cores clocked at 1.7GHz. This makes the processor more power efficient and it also runs cooler thereby eliminating overheat issues.

Great Gaming – GPU Turbo

The Honor 8X comes with a Mali G51 GPU which is a great GPU for gaming. Pair it up with Honor’s GPU Turbo technology and the gaming experience becomes multiple-folds better. Not only will you be able to play games with a performance boost, but once GPU Turbo is on, your phone will also be power efficient when you’re gaming.

For a phone that comes with so many great features, great performance and a beautiful new design, you have a really great package at a really nice price point.

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