Here’s everything that’s special about Samsung’s new Mobile Experience Centre in Bengaluru

Samsung has opened a new Mobile Experience Centre in India which is situated in Bengaluru. This new Mobile Experience Center is also the biggest one that Samsung has ever built anywhere in the world. Not only that, but there are a lot of interesting things to know about this new Samsung flagship store.

The store is opened at Bengaluru’s much known Opera House which is a heritage building that was built in the 1920s in British India. The main purpose of the location was to host prime events and occasions by the British but eventually the place was changed and remodified into a movie theatre that showcases Tamil and English movies. The business, however, declined over time and the 33,000 sq. ft. area’s popularity and usage started declining in the 1980s. The building was used on and off but eventually, it was vacated completely.

Come 2016, Samsung leased the building and started the renovations in order to start their flagship store and this was all done by keeping local businesses in mind. A Senior VP at Samsung India quoted,”Renovated and restored with minimum intervention to the original structure, the transformation of the 33,000 sq. ft. space has been done using local materials,” when he talked to Bangalore Mirror about the new store.

The Experience Store is being called at Samsung Opera House by the company and it aims to be the largest Samsung flagship store in the world. The best part about the store is that the products in the store aren’t limited to Samsung’s smartphones and tablets but you will find a lot of other consumer electronics and appliances that you can try for yourself in the store. This includes high-end washing machines, TVs, refrigerators and more.

Samsung also built the new experience center to bring similar minded people who have an interest in tech to gather under one roof and talk about technology and more. Mohandeep Singh, Head of Mobile Sales at Samsung India, mentioned,”We did a small survey in Bengaluru that showed that a majority of residents (81%) have had at least one game-changer idea, but one out of three did not know of a place in the city where they could network with likeminded people and mentors, and nurture their ideas. We expect Samsung Opera House will become that destination where like-minded people come together, talk technology and interact with venture capitalists.”

The store also features a 4D VR Zone where people will be able to experience virtual reality applications like roller coasters, kayaking. The VR experience zone also includes a scenic cycling experience in Europe and another VR application on showcase at the store is the Whiplash Pulsar 4D chairs.

Some other interesting experiences include a theatre zone that anyone can pre-book in given slots which can then be used to watch movies with friends and family. There is also a live cooking demo counter that will have cooking tutorials and demos taking advantage of Samsung’s line up of Microwave Ovens.

Samsung has always been a huge player as a smartphone brand in India following Xiaomi at number two and with the new Samsung Opera House store, the company is looking forward to solidifying their presence in India. The company also has plans to open more experience stores like the Opera House across the country but there is no news about where Samsung might be opening the new one.

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