FreeCharge makes lives easier in the era of demonetization

FreeCharge has been around for quite some time now, and it is one of the most used recharge and rebates portal in India. A few months ago FreeCharge was acquired by Snapdeal, and it has been integrated into Snapdeal’s system using the FreeCharge wallet.

Yes, even FreeCharge has a wallet, and it is quite useful, to be honest. Just like a digital wallet in India, it has to follow the RBI guidelines and a FreeCharge wallet can only hold amounts of up to Rs. 20,000 in a month.

You even get a virtual card which allows you to use the card for online shopping and payments. Apart from that, FreeCharge offers a suite of other features like recharges, bill payments and more. You can use it to send money to someone and even request and receive money. All these features work well, and you can easily transfer your FreeCharge balance to your bank if you wish to.

It is one of the best eWallet that is available in India and in this post we will look at how to download and use it, and we will talk more about other features of the app as well.

How to download FreeCharge?

The FreeCharge app is available for all the major platforms like iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone and even for PCs. Downloading it is very easy, and you just have to follow the steps given below.


Android is one of the major platforms in India. It not only runs on phones, but it also runs on tablets which are used by a lot of people as well. Here is how to download it on your Android device.

All you need to do is open the Play Store on your Android. Tap on the search icon and then search for FreeCharge. After you get the search results, you can now Install the app. Depending on your internet speed, the download will be completed in some time. This is all you have to do to download the app.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of hands-free installation from Play Store and install the app on your Android directly from the web. Just head over to this link and then click on the Install button. Next, just login to your Google account, choose the Android device you want this installed on, and you’re done.

iOS – iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

To install FreeCharge on your iOS device, you can easily download it from the App Store on your phone. Just look for FreeCharge and then tap the relevant search result and then tap on Get. This is all you need to do in order to download the app on your phone.

Windows – Phones & PC

The app is also available for your Windows 10 Phones and even PC. Just head over to this link on your Windows 10 device and then just tap the Install button in order to install it on your Windows device.

Features of FreeCharge

FreeCharge is one of the best eWallet apps in India – which I have already mentioned. But here I will mention the features because of which it is one of the best.

  • Simple & easy to use user interface.
  • Clean UI and UX hence making it usable even for people who aren’t that familiar with how smartphones work.
  • Features like paying someone using QR code.
  • Speedpay and more ways of paying or purchasing something online and offline.
  • It is accepted by countless numbers of businesses offline which makes the wallet useful in times of demonetization.

How to add money to your FreeCharge Wallet?

Let us take a look at how FreeCharge wallet makes it easier for you to add money into your Wallet. Just follow the steps below.

  • Just open the FreeCharge app and then on the top right side of the app, just tap the + (Plus) icon.
  • The same corner also shows your FreeCharge wallet balance.
  • On the next step, just add the amount that you want to load on your FreeCharge Wallet.

  • Now just tap the Add Money button.
  • On the next step, you can choose the payment method.
  • You can choose from Credit or Debit card, or you can go with Net banking.
  • You can also apply a Promo Code if you have any.

After the money is added, you will be able to see it as a FreeCharge wallet balance in your app. You can now use it to send money to someone or to pay bills for phones, electricity and more services right inside the app.

How to pay money to merchants or anyone using FreeCharge?

  • Open the FreeCharge app and now look for the Pay or Send icon inside the app.
  • Tap on the Pay or Send icon and you will see a new screen with more options.
  • You can see that you can send money to people using their phone number and even by scanning QR codes.

  • You will also be provided with an ONTHEGO PIN which can be use in the merchant’s POS machine along with your mobile number to accept the payment. ONTHEGO PIN can be generated without the internet.
  • You can also pay merchants using the Sound Payment which is something new and interesting.


SpeedPay on FreeCharge makes it easier for you to recharge your mobile accounts again and again. Once you enter the details, the number and names are saved which means you can easily recharge next time within a matter of seconds. Not only does this make the recharges easier, but it also reminds you to make payments on time on monthly expirations. This works for mobile recharges as well as utility bills and payments.


This is one of the best features of FreeCharge. You can easily use FreeCharge as an IM app if you wish too and this can prove itself useful if you want to use it for settling the balance. You can also request money and do recharges right from Chat-N-Pay.

Split Bill

The Split Bill feature on FreeCharge is something that is present on no other eWallet app in India. You can use this feature to split bills for movies, parties, etc. and this will help you keep track of the expenses as well.

All in all, FreeCharge is a great app and works really well as a digital wallet. You can use it to pay bills online; it is also accepted by other online services like Zomato, BookMyShow, etc. and it works offline too.

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