Fitbit Inspire HR Review – Versatile and comfortable

The Inspire HR is one of the new affordable fitness trackers from Fitbit, one that also has a heart rate sensor, a touch screen and is also swim proof. Fitbit has been working at improving its fitness trackers for several years, and when you buy a Fitbit you benefit from the years of expertise the company has of tracking activities, all reflected in its app.

So, if you are looking for a basic Fitness tracker to nudge yourself it to a healthier and more active lifestyle, should you go for this particular tracker? Hopefully, the experience we share in the following Fitbit Inspire HR review should help you decide.

Fitbit Inspire HR Specs and price in India


Fitbit Inspire HR


16 x 37mm, Black and white, Touch

Activity tracking Sensors

3-axis accelerometer, Vibration motor

Sleep tracking

Yes (deep, REM, light)

Water resistant

Up to 50 meters, Swimproof


5-day battery life

Heart rate sensor



Sleep tracking, Automatic exercise recognition, Phone alerts and notification, real-time pace and distance (using phone GPS), Guided Breathing

Dimensions and weight

3 x 10 x 22.7 cm ; 18.1 g


Rs 8,799

Design and comfort

The Fitbit Inspire HR is very compact and light and has the premium, modern feel to it. After a while, you won’t even notice its there and this is also one of the few fitness trackers that we don’t mind wearing to bed every night.

The black and white OLED touch screen doesn’t cover the entire expanse of the module. It’s veritably tiny and that also limits notifications and other information you’d want to view on it. Adjusting to this constraint, we mostly viewed and analyzed our stats on the Fitbit app.

There is also a long hard button on the side that is put to several good uses, including pausing exercise tracking and comes in handy when you don’t want to touch the screen with your sweaty fingers. Since the Inspire Hr is swim-proof, you need not remove it before taking showers.

The silicone band should fit most wrists and is easily replaceable. In fact, several inexpensive third-party options are available on Amazon.

Performance, Interface, and Activity tracking

The interface is quite simple to understand and navigate. The clock is in the center and you can swipe up, down, left or right to access other features. Swipe up gives you your activity stats, and once you have checked them you can press the side button to reach home. You may press and hold the button to check the battery or quick settings.

As you’d expect of a wearable at this price point in India, the Fitbit Inspire HR doesn’t compromise with the accuracy of activity tracking. The step count is as accurate as you’d get on best of fitness trackers (which isn’t 100 percent).

There is an option to automatically track exercises and it works more often than not. The heart rate tracking seems very accurate too. Fitbit Inspire HR can track a total of 15 exercises including running, weight lifting and swimming.

There is no built-in GPS, but the Inspire HR can seamlessly connect to your phone’s GPS to track your outdoor runs. But, you will still have to tag your phone along.

Sleep tracking is a Fitbit strong suit and the Inspire HR is expectedly awesome at it. The tracker knows when you are asleep when you are faking it, and when you are in deep sleep.

Notification Sync and Battery

Just as almost all modern fitness trackers, Fitbit allows you to check incoming call and message alerts and notifications on your wrist without lugging out your phone. Using the connected app on your phone, you can also decide what apps you wish to be notified from.

Due to limited screen space, you can only check the first 200 characters of the incoming message. And there is no option to respond to incoming alerts.

Fitbit claims 5 days of battery life, but if you use it to its fullest, you will get somewhere around 4 days of mileage which is good enough.


Fitbit Inspire HR is a versatile fitness tracker, but more important is that whatever fitness-related it does, it does well. Activity tracking is dependable, the design is light and compact, sleep tracking is excellent, and the connected Fitbit app shows detailed stats and wonderful insights.

In the Indian context, it’s not cheap since wearables like Mi Band that cost just one-fourth as much enjoy the majority market share and mindshare. But if inaccuracy in step counts and activity stats bugs you to no end, it would be worth your while to invest in mid-range wearables like Fitbit Inspire HR.

Review overview

Design 8.8
Comfort 9.6
Activity Tracking9.6
Performance & Interface9


Activity tracking is dependable, the design is light and compact, sleep tracking is excellent, and the connected Fitbit app shows detailed stats and wonderful insights.

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