Dell Announces Venue 7, 8, 8 Pro and 11 Pro Tablets in India

Observing the increasing trend of adopting mobile devices, Dell has announced Venue range of tablet devices featuring both Android and Windows operating systems. Whether it may be for business or personal use people are always on the move. The problem is consumers can’t be 24×7 plugged in, and hence Dell figured out a solution to this problem.


Dell Venue 7 & 8 and Dell Venue 8 Pro & 11 Pro are four tablet devices launched that provide users to choose their preferred operating system with Android running on the former two and later two running on Windows 8.1.


Dell Venue 7 and 8 are android based tablets with 7-inch display having widest viewing angle designed for tablets. Both of the Venue series tablets comes powered with a Intel Atom Processor to deliver the best application performance. They also come pre-loaded with PocketCloud which is a cloud service to allow users to search, edit, and share data from any device.

Whereas the Dell Venue 8 Pro and 11 Pro are two mobile computing smart devices running Windows 8.1. These tablets as the name have 8-inches and 11-inches screen size. The Dell Venue 8 Pro is powered by a Intel Atom quad-core chipset but the Venue 11 Pro runs 4th generation Intel i3 and i5 processor featuring a 10.8-inch full HD IPS panel. The Venue 11 Pro also comes with a swappable battery, and durable keyboards or desktop dock options to give a full fledged feeling of a machine.

Pricing and Availability

Dell Venue 7 is currently available at starting price of Rs. 10,999, and Venue 8 for Rs. 17,499. Windows based Venue 8 Pro will be available by February 2014 at a starting price of Rs. 26,499. Venue 11 Pro’s availability is yet to be announced.

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