Canon 3rd Gen imageRUNNER ADVANCE series- Best Printing Solution for Startups?

Canon recently introduced its third generation ‘imageRUNNER ADVANCE’ Series in India that aims to revolutionize printing solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start-up communities. The imageRUNNER Advance series offers wholesome multi-function devices that aim to enhance the productivity and document ecosystem of your organization.

These affordable devices aim to deliver high quality output without losing time and without compromising on the simplicity of user experience. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE series of devices club together features such as remote fax, network storage and even mobile printing. They are also made using 100 percent recycled plastic and have parts and work flow management optimized for energy conservation. Moreover, it’s very easy to manage your set of imageRUNNER devices, thanks to provisions like iW Accounting Manager, eMaintenance, and more.

ImageRUNNER series models launched in India include iR-ADV C355i-A4 Colour; iR-ADV C3500 series (3 variants); iR-ADV 4500 series (4 variants)-A3 Mono, and iR-ADV C5500i Series (4 variant-A3 Colour. All of these models include powerful specs including Canon Dual Custom Processor, 3GB of memory and a 250GB hard drive that can be expanded to 1TB.

Perfect for Small Business/ Startups?

Why are these solutions perfect for small businesses? Let’s try and answer the same describing the key strengths of this series.

Big Screen, Easy to Use

Each of these imageRUNNER ADVANCE series devices has a large 10.1-inch flat touchscreen display that can be operated using familiar Smartphone like gestures like swipe, pinch to zoom, etc. Force Holding feature allows you to check and change finishing settings of a document before printing. This ease of operation results in

This ease of operation results in fewer mistakes. You can read documents you are about to print and even modify them directly on these large size touch screen panels, thus saving copious time and also save printing resources like ink and paper, thus reducing overall operating cost.

Highly Customizable

These printers are also highly customizable. If different users have access to the printer in an enterprise, they can each use ‘Picture Login’ and customize their frequently used printing preferences in their individual profiles. This again saves a tonne of time and effort.

If an office includes personnel comfortable in different first languages, they can also set their profiles in different languages based on their personal convenience. For example, in a startup working in 2 languages like English and Hindi, users can select either one of the two languages for operating the printer.

Never Forget Original Documents

Canon imageRUNNER Advance series of multiple function printers can also alert users to collect their original documents after making copies. This is a much-needed security feature as many times you will need to scan or print with confidential documents like your salary slip, some important project details, etc. that you simply can’t afford to fall in wrong hands or to be seen by other employees who don’t enjoy same clearance level.

Print on the GO

Another important highlight of these affordable work place printers is their extensive mobile printing support. In an era where a large chunk of our professional documents reside on Cloud, it’s very convenient to access them using your smartphone and to directly give print command remotely from any place, anytime via Google Cloud Print, AirPrint or WiFi. The Mobile Printing is securely handled by Canons PRINT Business app.

Now if you remember any important excel that you need to print, all you need to do is use your smartphone to send the file for printing using the Google cloud print.

Intelligent Feature

All these printers have an ‘Intelligent Recovery’ function that can identify and differentiate between a bystander, a passerby or an approaching user using an infrared motion sensor and accordingly choose to remain in sleep mode or recover for user convenience.

Increases Productivity

All these MFPs have Built-in with Remote Operator Software Kit using which IT administrators are able to remotely assist users during troubleshooting without the need to be physically on the device. Besides, Content Delivery System (CDS) provides a way to automate firmware updates via ‘eMaintenance’ in tandem for the entire fleet of imageRUNNER ADVANCE series printers at a designated time when printing load isn’t much.This provision helps reduce maintenance cost and time, which further makes these MFPs best-suited options for start-ups.

More Features

These devices come with Wireless LAN support and other optional smart features include Multi-sheet detection, Skip Blank Originals, Canon’s new Staple-free Stapling (stack and staple finished documents with fewer staples) and Staple On Demand features (re-staple originals after any copying or scanning is done), sending scans to multiple destinations, and other security features.

As you can see, every aspect of these imageRUNNER Advance multi-function printers has been designed to assist with efficient resource management, simple operation, and low-cost maintenance – An approach that should be especially appealing to SMEs and start-ups.

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