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The 10th Generation of Kindle are here let’s dive deep in to know more. The latest Amazon Kindle eBook reader has been launched in India which is the 10th gen of Kindle for those who have less idea of what Kindle is let me explain

A kindle is an eBook reader now what is an eBook reader; in simple words, it is an electronic book that requires an electronic device to read the book. Kindle is dedicated hardware for the eBook purpose which gained popularity due to its book library online and great display which attracted users to try it.

The Kindles have E-ink displays which provide a tremendous experience of reading without straining eyes even after reading for long hours.

From my personal experience, this tech seemed boring when were introduced but slowly gained traction and now has such a huge audience that it has its own market. This number of users is going to increase with time because of the ease of use of this tech as even for someone very new to Kindle, can easily learn it within a few days. Kindle, on the other hand, are improving on the hardware level as well as on software level with the more rich market and better displays and battery backup which again supports the growth of this culture.

So now you have a basic knowledge of what Kindle is let us explore its features in the latest iteration.

Build and Design

In terms of look and design you probably at first glance won’t be able to differentiate, they will look exactly similar the only difference being the new ones are more contoured. The weight has also increased by a hairline gap but still, it is heavier than 8th gen. But as the difference is so less it doesn’t affect much in readability. It feels sturdier than the previous gen and is also provide more grip. It offers some bezels which are not appreciated in phones but in eBooks, it provides the grip to hold the device comfortably for long hours.

It still comes with a standard micro USB port which isn’t bad but would love to see type c in the future generations. The major upgrade is that now it is IPX8 rated which means it can easily undergo a few splashes of water and can be submerged inside water for 30-60 minutes.


It comes with same display PPI and size of 6inch but has switched the panel from E Ink Pearl to E Ink Carta which leads to better sharpness in text. It is a capacitive touch screen which minimises the errant swipes.

It still does not support Auto brightness which is a bummer, it’s been a wait since so long but to shave some cost from the product we have to sacrifice the ease of use.

The most interesting change is the front lighting, due to 4 LEDs, which is bright and subtle to eyes even for longer hours. Kindle’s display is one of the sweetest displays ever you will love the look and feel of the display and one is used to it then it will be a must-have accessory while travelling or at home.

The display is decently sharp with pixel density lower than 300ppi which still is sharp and the sunlight legibility is quite good too it’s an anti-glare display and so doesn’t shine or reflect thus is very good for pitch dark environment. As it needs to deliver a stupendous reading experience it excels the grayscale and also offers a feature like inverting black and white colour.


The home screen is similar to Voyage or the oasis, where you see three of your books and a few recommendations below that. You can access various libraries like Amazon Kindle Books or the local market or the book store.

You can check the meaning of a word by selecting it which implies better usability. As also saving time when compared to a traditional book and dictionary approach.


It comes with different storage model starting from 8GB and goes up to 32GB which is decent enough to store books.

The Amazon market is so wide and has plenty of eBooks which is simply awesome but it also supports audiobooks which can be played via the external speaker using the Bluetooth.

But sadly this feature is not available in India till now. This could have been ideal for anxious Indian users but has been not so delightful news as audible is officially launched in India but still lacks the absolute compatibility.

Battery Backup

As it is all about that display the backup also depends on it. The more time you read the less long it will sustain but in general, it gives about 2-3 weeks of use before dying if used for an hour every day.

Although Amazon claims a battery life of 3-4 weeks with a half an hour of reading every day with no Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and brightness set to 50%. So these are the ideal conditions but we can conclude that it’s an amazing performer when it comes to battery life.


It comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity and IPX8 certification. If not in India you can use the Audible Audiobooks which are one of the most fun ways to enjoy a book. It also supports sideloading of reading the material or via EMAIL it via Send-to=Kindle address.

Bottom Line

So final conclusion would be for the book readers who are not addicted to physical books but can rely on the tech or at least can give it chance can surely try Kindle. It is definitely worth the try, and for those who already have a previous gen Kindle, you guys can wait for the next gen, the display is definitely improved but this much of improvement is obvious after any iteration. Therefore for the current users of Kindle its wait if you can or if it is in your budget you can definitely try it. For new users who are looking to buy an entry-level Kindle, this is a great product.  In India, the pricing starts from 7999 INR.

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