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7 Reasons To Download CM Launcher 3D On Android Smartphone

Bored of glaring at the same UI day in and day out? Well, the best way to break this monotony on an Android phone is to experiment with a custom launcher. There are many third party launchers available in Google Playstore, and one of the better ones is CM Launcher 3D. Here are its 7 best features.

Organized Apps


When you first install the launcher, it will organize all apps on your phone in neat, pre-defined folders. From the settings you can enable the launcher to keep sorting new apps you download. All these folders are placed on second home screen leaving enough room on other home screens for widgets.

Within the App drawer, the launcher organizes apps in alphabetical order and also layers a search bar on top for quickly locating apps. You can open any folder or app drawer and then swipe right for the next one.



Besides organizing your app, the launcher also adds a booster icon on your home screen. You can simply press this to free up RAM. If your device is short on RAM, this can provide much needed instant boost to your device performance.

Quick Search


Just by using swipe down gesture anywhere on your home screen, you can search for apps within your phone or for anything on the web. For web searches, you can choose from several search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

You can also pull the tag hanging from top to access search bar. Other information in the drop down pane, like news, recent apps, trending searches, etc. can be customized.

3D Animations and Affects

Screenshot_2016-03-15-16-49-47 (1)

The CM launcher offers palatable animations and effects for switching between home-screen and folders. Besides UI navigation, attractive animation has been used in other aspects of the launcher like weather widgets, 3D Clock and more

News feed


The screen to the left of the main home screen is reserved for News feed. If you like to stay on top of things and value keeping up to date with what goes on around you, this feed is beneficial. The news can also be sorted based on user interest.

Hidden Apps


If you wish to keep selective apps private, you can add them as hidden apps in the settings. You can add separate password or pattern to unlock hidden app vault and decide if you want these apps to be visible in app search results and ‘All Apps’ or not.

To access hidden apps, you can swipe up with 2 fingers on any launcher screen and enter password. This is another valuable feature for privacy conscious users.

Themes and Wallpaper


The launcher comes with a wallpaper and theme store, which can be accessed by long pressing on any vacant area on home screen. You can download attractive themes and wallpaper to further refresh look and feel of your smartphone.  Users can also design their own themes with integrated animation and sound effects.


In addition to the above mentioned features, the CM Launcher 3D is optimized to save battery, is protected by AV-TEST anti-virus engine to protect your personal info and app data, and supports multiple languages. All this add up to make CM launcher 3D a worthy third party launcher worth trying.

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