3 Best iPad 2 Cases From TheSnugg.Com

After buying an iPad, the first thing which comes to our mind is how to protect the iPad from scratches and other damages. One of the best way to protect your iPad from damages is by using a case. Earlier we wrote about best iPad 3 cases and today we are going to tell you about 3 Best iPad 2 Cases From The Snugg is one the of best Site to buy various accessories for your gadgets like iPad, iPod, Kindle etc. These cases not only Protect your iPad from accidental damage but also gives your iPad a new Look. So here are 3 best cases for iPad 2:

Snugg iPad 2 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case

It is one of the best iPad 2 Cases available in the market today. It not only acts as a case for your iPad 2 but also works as a bluetooth keyboard for your iPad. While most of the Bluetooth keyboards are heavy, Snugg iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard case is very light in weight and it just weighs around 280grams. The iPad 2 fits perfectly in the case and the brushed aluminium finish adds to the beauty of the iPad. ipad 2 thesnugg bluetooth keyboard case

You can use the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode with the bluetooth keyboard. The Snugg iPad 2 bluetooth keyboard case has a great battery backup and it can work continuously for about 55 hours. It has a standby time of around 60days which is quite amazing. It comes with a USB charging cable to charge the bluetooth keyboard. The maximum operating range for the keyboard is around 10m. It is quite easy to connect the bluetooth keyboard with the iPad 2 and we did not face any problems in doing so.

ipad 2 bluetooth keyboard case

The keyboard works quite well with the iPad 2. The keys are well spaced and there is even a dedicated home key provided in bluetooth keyboard which works just like the home button of the iPad. As compare to the other Bluetooth Keyboard cases available in the market for iPad 2, it is one the cheapest ipad 2 bluetooth keyboard case. It is available at a price tag of £39.99 on the Click Here to buy the Snugg Bluetooth Keyboard case.

Snugg iPad 2 Blue Denim Case

We really liked the design of the Snugg iPad 2 Blue Denim Case. It is a great alternative to the usual PU leather used for making the iPad cases. According to the company, this case is possibly one of the trendiest ways to keep your iPad 2 in pristine condition and we totally agree with it. The case can be used by both the business as well as casual users. This is a premium iPad 2 case from which holds your iPad securely and protects it from normal wear & tear.

ipad 2 blue denim case

You don’t need to remove the case in order to use the camera or any other port. You can simply fold the case into a stand for hands-free viewing and Facetime chats. The case comes with a elasticated hand strap for more comfortable grip which helps in evenly distributing the weight of the iPad. Snugg iPad 2 Blue Denim Case is available at a price tag of £34.99. Click here to buy this amazing iPad case from

Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Stand Ultra Thin Version Black
It is a sleek, classy and a light weight case for the iPad 2. Company has used PU leather for making the front which is connected to a Thermoplastic PU (TPU) back cover which is highly resistant to normal wear & tear as well as grease & oil stains. The case can be easily folded to a triangular stand to support your iPad 2 at a comfortable viewing angle for watching videos and using facetime chat.

ipad 2 ultra thin case

Just like a smart case this case would also wake up your ipad and put it to sleep. Just like any other Thesnugg iPad 2 case, you don’t need to remove the case in order to use the camera or any other port. Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Stand Ultra Thin Version Black is available at a price tag of £34.99. Click here to buy this amazing iPad case from

So if you don’t want your precious ipad to get damaged or broken you can choose iPad 2 cases from above. The ipad 2 cases provide protection to your iPad and give it a new look.

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