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Sennheiser Launches it’s First Exclusive Store in India

Sennheiser Electronics, one of the most popular accessory brand excelling in the field of sound has opened India’s first exclusive store in Kolkata. Sennheiser has a massive audience who has been and will be buy it’s products globally. The one and only true experience store which is also the only store to have a single branded accessories is now in Kolkata. The store was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Gunjan Srivastava, MD Sennheiser India and Mr Eric Denise, Vice President Sales, APAC and Mr Samidh Mukherjee, renowned Music Director,...

Amazon Launches Kindle Paperwhite in India

Amazon Kindle the popular e-ink readers had launched its sixth generation lineup last year. Today on January 15, 2014 they brought these new Kindles here in India with pre-orders starting from today itself. The sixth generation of e-readers from Amazon include the Kindle Paperwhite which features the back lit screen. Features: Amazon with it’s new generation of e-readers has not only enhanced the reading experience but has also added new features to it. Kindle Paperwhite having the backlit e-ink display allows the reader to have a perfect outdoor and low...
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