1Gbps broadband launched in India by ACT Fibernet at Rs. 5999 per month

ACT Fibernet is definitely one of the top internet service providers in India. It might also be the top provider with the most amount of satisfied customers. ACT has now launched 1Gbps broadband in India and they’re launching it first in Hyderabad. You will have to pay Rs. 5999 per month and a one time installation fee of Rs. 5000.

The plan provides full 1Gbps speed and it has a Fair Usage Policy of 1TB which might seem less but it is actually a really big amount of data. After you have crossed the 1TB data limit, the speed will be downgraded to 10Mbps which is quite low. ACT is definitely setting up a benchmark by releasing 1Gbps plans in India. The other plans will definitely go down in price since currently the same amount of rental gets you 200Mbps from ACT. This is good for India and ACT might have rushed into the release of this plan since Jio’s broadband offering for homes in just around the corner. No matter what, this is definitely a welcome release by ACT but the real thing that we want to know is the number of people who will be subscribing to the plan.

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