Zoho Launches Productive Tools Like AppCreater, Notebook and Writer in India

Celebrating its 20 years of developing products for businesses, Zoho has today launched a series of products in India including the Zoho AppCreator, Notebook and Zoho Writer and Gamescope.


“From the operating system for businesses, we are moving on to become the operating system for work, said Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho Corp. “The wide range of Zoho’s product suite provides the ecosystem for people to accomplish any kind of work. We are now deepening our offerings by creating innovative software in diverse spheres. ”

The Zoho AppCreator is a web-based software which can be used to create mobile apps for all major platforms without indulging with iOS, Android or windows programming language. You can also convert online data, say a spreadsheet, directly into an app using Zoho App creator. Such apps can then be shared with other users. You can try it for free with some limitations or pay and subscribe for the full version.

Notebook is a note taking app which can be used to create notes, organize them in separate notebooks, personalize with custom covers for each notebook and sync all your notes across all your devices. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Playstore and App store.

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As the name suggest, Zoho Writer is a modified and simplified word processor with 350+ fonts and supports real-time collaboration. The Zoho writer is free for both mobile and web users.

It promises a modern and distraction-free interface, that also includes a reader mode. Users can also lock a section of content that is not to be edited or hide sections containing confidential information.  You can also pause and resume collaboration on a document, turn off live cursors that track changes during collaboration and mark the final copy as “complete” to close it for further edits.

Gamescope is a feature available for all paying customers of Zoho Projects that makes the project activities like creating and completing tasks fun. Anyone, not just the manager, can create a game and invite colleagues to play for a friendly wager. This helps with team building and better coordination within an organization. For more information about Zoho Products please visit Zoho.Com.

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