WWDC 2017: Apple presents iOS 11 with an AR Kit for Developers

Apple made some big announcements at World Wide Developers Conference 2017 which was held in San Jose, California, and perhaps the most exciting of them is the new iOS 11 that also includes a new AR Kit for developers.

The new update includes several cosmetic and background changes that shall make it easier for people to interact with their iPhones and iPads. Apple devices will get this iOS 11 update in the last quarter of this year.

So, let’s talk about the key iOS 11 highlights. To start with, the Apple Pay now comes with now support person-to-person payments using iMessages. You can receive cash cards from acquaintances that can also be transferred to your bank account.

Siri, the smart AI assistant in iOS devices, will solve and translate your queries in multiple languages. It can now also read your messages and speak more naturally in both female and male voices as compared to last year.

Apple has also revamped its iOS App store design, which now looks like Apple Music. There is a separate tab for games, you can search for updates and app product pages have been redesigned too.

Other features include new formats for saving pictures and videos (to conserve storage space), a smart Do not disturb mode for safe driving, revamped Apple music and added machine learning.

The company also introduced an AR Kit – (Augmented Reality apps kit) for developers, which is the largest AR platform worldwide, according to Apple. This kit will allow developers to improve language capabilities, face and photo recognition technologies, etc. More details regarding what these AR apps will be able to do shall be revealed later.

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