Waiting for iPhone 5 ? The Wait is Going to Over Soon !

All the iPhone fans get ready for upcoming iPhone 5 which is still in rumors. Now Apple is going to launch the new iPhone series version Apple iPhone 5 on October 4. The Apple’s CEO Tim Cook not Steve Jobs announced to release apple iPhone 5 in a big media event will be held on Tuesday, 4th October 2011.

According to the blog All Things D, this is the date Apple has scheduled for the new iPhone 5 launch. It also laid claim to that date, also touting that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, will preside over the announcement. It is not confirmed whether Steve Jobs, who resigned from the role of Apple CEO, will be present at the event of first announcement by Tim Cook.  His departure from Apple sparked fear in investors who felt his absence would initiate several negative changes to the company.

Apple iPhone 5 & Tim Cook

Apple’s new CEO Tim Cooks will present for the very first time on 4th October if the report turns out to be precise and he’s going  to perform more than his best and exciting product introduction. While the much hoped for launching of the iPhone 5, possibly the iPhone 4S along with the final version of iOS5. so it is important for Tim Cooks that the big media event on that place where the public will get a first lengthy impression of him.

Cook was always more of a behind-the-scenes executive, and some expected that he’d remain so as CEO, letting Steve Jobs’ long-time stage companion Phil Schiller or iOS chief Scott Forstall become the public faces of Apple.
The Sale date of the iPhone will likely be within a week or two week of the announcement of the product. There are many rumours about apple iPhone 5 that it comes with Dual core A5 Processor, 8 MP camera and high more powerful graphic chips.

iPhone 5 looks promising in terms of being sleek, packed with new hardware and finally fewer restrictions. IPhone5 has a great looking product and it will rock the mobile assembly-it’s all depend on the presenter of the iPhone 5. Let’s see what happen on 4th October and which rumours will be true about iPhone5.

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