Vivo V7 Plus – The Best Selfie Experience

Moving forward with its commitment to deliver the best possible selfie experience, Vivo further upped the ante with its Vivo V7 Plus, a phone that comes with a full view display and a whopping 24MP front camera. Not only the camera hardware but the global smartphone maker also improves and upgrades various others aspects related to your selfie and smartphone experience in general, thus making the Vivo V7 Plus the best smartphone for selfie enthusiasts across all budgets. Let’s elaborate why.

The 24MP selfie sensor on the V7+ can capture extremely sharp images with phenomenal details. Every single strand of hair is clearly visible when you zoom in on the life like images shot from the front camera. With all those megapixels, the camera software has ample data to work its magic. As a result, you can capture breathtaking shots irrespective of the lighting conditions. The metering is absolutely perfect as is evident from accurate background colors and contrast.

The moonlight glow soft flash fires up to help reproduce bright images whenever the lighting isn’t proper. Which means, you can still get those perfect selfies even while partying in the dark ambiance of a night club or on a cloudy day.

The software also has a portrait mode that we generally see only for the rear camera. Using the portrait mode, you can add DSLR like bokeh effect to your images or blur the backdrop. The software is competent enough to clearly determine edges of the selfie subject and to accurately defocus what needs to be blurred.

Vivo has also enhanced its popular beautify mode. Now, a lot of selfie enthusiasts in India use beautify mode to enhance their captures, and the one on V7 Plus is smarter than ever before. The Beautify 7.0 algorithms can subtly refine your skin textures and evenly brighten your skin tones for more natural results and are smart enough to recognize a tilak or bindi that you might be wearing on your face. The end result is an astonishing, subtle enhancement and not a plastic avatar of yourself as is often the case with crude selfie software.

Once again, if the lighting is inadequate, the moonlight flash pitches in for the perfect balance. The best part is that the beautify mode also works with video calling. With the nascent data revolution that we are all experiencing in India, many people these days engage with video calling via different apps. Vivo has prudently extended its beautify expertise to video calling as well.

You can use video calling in apps like WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Viber messenger, and BBM.  The selfie camera further also benefits from features like HDR mode and Panorama that you can use to fit in more people in your selfie frame (or for groupies).

Besides a wonderful selfie camera, the Vivo V7 Plus has a lot more to offer. The handset has an immersive 5.99-inch full vision display packed in a compact near 5.5-inch-phone-body. The metal casing is extremely slim and feels very premium. The fingerprint sensor on the rear is extremely fast and can also be used as a selfie shutter, the Snapdragon 450 SoC is phenomenally fast and snappy, there is an awesome 16MP rear camera, the Hi-Fi audio experience will blow your socks off, and the battery housed inside can last for more than a day even with heavy usage!

The Vivo V7 Plus is the best and most complete phone that Vivo has even made. One that can click extraordinary selfies effortlessly.

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