Why Vivo V5s Is A Perfect Selfie Smartphone Under 20,000 INR

Vivo recently unleashed a new, upgraded perfect selfie phone – the V5s – that comes with a 20MP selfie camera, enhanced software – all wrapped in a beautiful casing. With the fierce selfie war raging in the under Rs. 20,000 price segment, you might understandably be confused as to which one is the best option for anyone looking for the best possible selfie experience. Well, the answer is indisputably the Vivo V5s and here is why.

Clicks the best selfies

Well, for a phone to be the best choice for selfie enthusiasts, it’s only imperative that it clicks the best selfies in all lighting conditions without any extra effort required on the part of the user. And the Vivo V5s does just that – thanks to the class leading selfie hardware and software present on the handset.

To start with, you get a 20MP front camera that can capture rich details and also pass on more data to the selfie software to work with. The metering is perfect and you won’t find blown away highlights or underexposed subjects even in indoor lighting. Vivo is using a large size Sony sensor paired with a moonlight fill flash that comes in handy in relatively dark ambiance.

The camera app also has an advanced beautify mode and Group selfie feature that lets you shoot wide-angle selfies or groupies to capture more in each frame.

Looks Gorgeous

The way your phone looks and feels when held in hand is an uncompromisable part of your smartphone experience. And the Vivo V5s looks absolutely gorgeous. This is the phone that transcends high-end Vivo V5 Plus design to a sub 20,000 price bracket.

The handset has a unibody design with U-shaped antenna bands on top and bottom, is just 7.3mm thick and weighs just right at 155 grams. Vivo has also added a 2.5D glass on top to further enhance its beauty. Like always, a good quality case is also bundled in the box to help preserve its elegance.

Impeccable performance

The new Vivo V5s is powered by a 1.5GHz octa-core processor that’s powerful enough to drive everything smoothly on its HD display. The well optimized OS works in tandem with the processor to ensure that there are no performance hiccups, even when you engage in demanding tasks like high-end gaming.

Every aspect of Vivo V5s works flawlessly. The fingerprint sensor is the fastest that we have seen, the call quality is excellent, the GPS Navigation and connectivity work efficiently, and the immersive Hi-Fi audio makes it a treat for music lovers. Moreover, the ample 4GB RAM and 64GB storage on the device will ensure that the performance remains in pristine condition even after you have used it over a period of time.

Intuitive software

Another insurmountable strength of the Vivo V5s is its intuitive Funtouch OS 3.0 software experience. The control panel fires up from the bottom, which is to say it’s always within reach, there is split screen mode to effectively multitask while watching videos, a Clone App feature that lets you keep two of each app logged in with separate account, one-handed mode, efficient power saving profiles and a ton of customization options.

All options are present exactly where you would expect them to be and despite so many options being made available to the user, the UI doesn’t feel overwhelming at all.

Excellent Battery backup

Another feature that makes using Vivo V5 very gratifying is its battery backup. The 3000mAh battery housed inside easily lasts for one and half day on a single charge and that ensures that you don’t have to worry about charging it through your day at all. You can easily take hundreds of selfies in a day without worrying about the battery.

Also, on particular heavy usage days when you need to conserve your charge judiciously, quite a few power saving profiles are present to help you further extend your mileage.

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