Vivo V5 : Good design, Great battery life  

Vivo V5 that was recently launched in India comes with a stunning 20MP selfie shooter that makes it instantly appealing to all selfie enthusiasts. However, it is not a one trick pony. There are other aces up its sleeves, the most important ones being its overall look and feel and its battery longevity.


The Vivo V5 flaunts an incredibly premium metal unibody construction with 2.5D glass layered on top. On the rear, you will find a 13MP rear camera stacked in the top left corner and need Vivo insignia engraved in the middle.

The Home button present below the display integrates an ultra-fast fingerprint reader which is very accurate and instantly unlocks your phone when touched. The 20MP camera has been subtly implanted on top of the display along with other sensors, earpiece, and the effective Moonlight flash.


In spite of its slim demeanor, the phone feels substantial and offers a firm grip. The speaker grill through which the high-quality HiFi audio sieves through is fitted on the bottom, along the USB Port and 3.5 mm Audio jack.

The handset is extremely comfortable to hold and operate, even with one hand. And it exudes a premium feel which you only expect from phones that cost double or tripple as the Vivo V5.


The company very thoughtfully bundles a good quality protective case and a tempered glass with every phone which together ensures that your Vivo V5 will stay in pristine condition and keep looking awesome even after extended period of usage.

Another convenience you can associate with the Vivo V5 is its battery backup. The handset comes with a 3000mAh battery, which isn’t all that rare for contemporary phones, but the optimized software will help you get unmatched mileage even with heavy usage.


We can manage to extract more than two days usage out of our Vivo V5 unit. By the end of the second day, we still have enough juice remaining in the tank which lets us sleep peacefully at night without fretting that the phone would die.

Quotidian users should be able to extract up to two and half day of usage on a single charge. The 2A charger that comes bundled with the device can charge the battery in little more than 2 hours.

Besides, the FuntouchOS on the phone gives you extensive access and options that can further help save more battery juice. You can straightaway switch to more power efficient profiles including Smart Power Saving mode and Super Power Saving. You can also check the apps ranked in order of their battery usage and can even block some unwanted apps from consuming power in the background.


So, if you feel that a particular wallet app is something that you rarely use, you can simply disallow it to leech on your battery in the background. All this hardware and software prowess adds up to fantastic battery backup.

If you are looking for a phone that clicks absolutely stunning selfies, then the Vivo V5 gives you just that without compromising on the fundamental requirements. You can also experience it yourself at offline retails stores and then buy it for a competitive price of 17, 980 INR.

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  1. I think vivo v5 is so good

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  2. I’m using vivo V5 very good smart phone camera good but one problem low backup

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