Vivo V5 : The Best Selfie Camera Smartphone

Whether you like it or not, selfies have taken the world by a storm and India is riding high on the wave. The front shooter, which for a long time has been referred to as the ‘Secondary camera’ is no longer subordinate to the primary rear camera and the Vivo V5 epitomizes this change in trend.


The new Vivo flagship is the world’s first phone that comes with a staggering 20MP selfie camera for amazingly detailed selfies and also has a ‘Moonlight Flash’ that enables it to shoot perfect self-portraits even in imperfect lighting.

Now, all those Megapixels could actually harm camera performance if the camera had a puny sensor. However, that’s not the case with Vivo V5. The company has used good quality Sony IMX376 image sensor with a fairly large size of 1/ 2.78- inches and has also layered a wide f/2.0 aperture 5p lens on top.

This essentially means that the front camera will be able to accept and gather a significant amount of light to make all those megapixels count. All of us love zooming in on the captured images and the high clarity selfies that you click on Vivo V5 won’t lose detail or appear pixelated whenever you examine individual image subjects in detail.


Also, it is worth noting that in spite of the large sensor size, the camera doesn’t sit on the front like an ugly eye. Vivo has done a commendable job at subtly housing it within a very slim body.

The front fill led flash on the Vivo V5 enlightens low-light shot without overexposing them. The result is a soft glow on your face, sensibly compensating for the lack of ambient light.

Besides the hardware, the software on Vivo V5 further helps to enhance your selfie experience. The camera app benefits from Face Beauty Mode 6.0, which the company has perfected over several years.


The Face Beauty mode helps smoothen your skin and make it appear more radiant in a very natural manner. Which means you won’t look like a plastic doll, but only appear more lustrous.

We were quite satisfied with our experience with the Vivo V5 front camera. The images turned out with great colors, awesome amount of details and looked quite vivid.

Apart from the impressive Moonlight Camera in the front, the rear 13MP shooter also holds its ground well. The camera comes with PDAF and a robust pro mode that makes shooting images a fun experience.

So, if you are a selfie enthusiasts, the Vivo V5 is definitely the phone designed for you. Its 20MP Moonlight Camera addresses perennial selfie problems and provides meaningful solutions that actually work in practical settings.

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