Vivo Revolutionising the smartphone industry

Vivo, a global smartphone brand has enjoyed exponential growth in India over the last year, increasing its market share by about 10 percent in a single year, which is a staggering accomplishment no matter which way you look at it. This unprecedented growth wouldn’t have been possible without company’s innovative products and explicit understanding of Indian consumer needs.

While other players were busy competing online at razor thin margins, Vivo worked at ground level improving its distribution and customer support infrastructure that enabled it to directly connect with consumers at grass root level and to make enhance their products with features that consumers actually wanted.


The Vivo V5 launched last year was a massive success. The phone was one of its kind to include a 20MP selfie camera with Sony IMX376 sensor, f/2.0 aperture, advanced selfie enhancement software and a moonlight fill flash. The camera can capture stunning selfies which make it a number one options for a ton of selfie enthusiasts in India.

More recently, it topped itself up with the Vivo V5 Plus, which is an extremely premium and an uncompromised full-metal phone that houses not one but two selfie cameras. Apart from the awesome selfie paraphernalia of Vivo V5, an extra 8MP depth sensor is also present on the phone that can help capture beautiful selfies with bokeh effects.

In layman terms, the camera can differentiate the foreground and the background and can blur either of the two for artistic effect. This results in selfie subject popping up in very appealing selfies. While many manufacturers have incorporated dual camera technology for rear cameras, Vivo was the first to bring an elaborate dual camera setup to the front of the smartphones.


Capturing awesome selfies isn’t the only highlight of these Vivo phones. Attributes like unmatched build quality, exquisite design, extremely fast and accurate fingerprint sensors, soul touching HiFi audio, and intuitive software help them offers remarkable end user experience that has managed to win hearts of consumers across the nation.

These offerings aren’t the sole examples of Vivo’s smartphone expertise. Take a look at the company’s portfolio and you will notice all of them adhering to rigid quality standards, punching above their weight.

Be it the extremely powerful Vivo V3 Max, the mid-range Y55L or the entry level Y21L – All offer best in class user experience and touch all the right chords when you experience them. Attention to details like bundling good quality accessories, display protectors, and good quality cases with all their products also go a long way in earning consumer favor.


Overall, Vivo is headed in the right direction and has certainly revolutionized Indian smartphone market. Its success proves that there will always be takers for excellent products even if they don’t pose with glittery specifications and aren’t dirt cheap, even in an extremely price sensitive market as India. After all, the end user experience matters more in the long run than a subsidized price tag which can only help to lure in buyers without adding any actual value to their smartphone experience.

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