Top Productivity Apps to Make your Smartphone Smarter

Smartphones are meant to be used in a smarter way and for that, you need to download and get acquainted with productivity apps. These apps help you utilize your smartphone to its full potential, while making your life organized, comfortable and efficient at the same time. There are thousands of apps you can choose from, but here are some must have apps which you must try.


Evernote is the modern and one of the most popular apps for writing notes of all types. You can save handwritten notes, collect web articles, photos and all other documents using Evernote. You can sync your work and can easily access them on any of your device.


Evernote can be used for professional work and for personal work as well. You can write notes, you can share your views or any document with your co-workers by shared notebooks or work chat, you can prepare for your meetings, and manage your expenses. You can carry all your necessary details in an organized manner with Evernote app. You can download this app through Google Play Store and iOS store for free.



Wally+ is a good tool to manage your finances as now a days money management is an issue with everyone. You can ditch Microsoft Excel or traditional paper and pen and use Wally+ to manage your money in a better way using your phone. The simple app is available for free on iOS and Android and helps you keep track of your expenditures and savings.


Pocket is a wonderful app which ranks high in our list of must have apps. You can install the pocket chrome extension on your PC and whenever you come across a page you would like to read later, all you have to is pocket it by clicking on the extension. You can do the same using your android browser.


This helps in putting together pages you would like and would like to revisit. Since the list is synced on cloud, it can be accessed across all your devices. You can also read pages your save without an internet connection. This is helpful when you are traveling and don’t have access to internet. All these features can be accessed for free!


PushBullet is an effective app for users who require both their laptops and Smartphones through their day. The apps makes a very effective bridge between the two and provides seamless integration without hogging resources. It is a very light app which you can download for free.


The app can mirror your smartphone notifications on your PC. It also allows you to push pieces of texts, links and other stuff across all your devices. The chrome extension offers some very useful features like universal copy and paste (copy in chrome and paste in any other device), SMS via PC and more.



A good keyboard can revolutionize your smartphone experience. The swiftkey is one such intuitive keyboard which learns how you type and provides great predictive typing and suggestions. You can sync it up with your gmail account and it will include all your contacts in auto suggestion. Besides, swiftkey can save what it learns about your typing habits on cloud, which means when you buy a new device, you won’t have to start from zero.



Mailbox is one of the best apps you can use to manage your emails with simple gestures. The autoswipe feature learns from your habits to predict what you wish to do with a particular mail. It also syncs with dropbox, to offer same experience across all your devices.

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