Top 5 New Apps Every Indian Should Try

To smartly use your smartphone, you need to have smart apps which can help you simplify usual tasks and improve your efficiency. Google’s Android OS has a rich app ecosystem and new ones keep arriving and once in a while we come across something everyone can benefit from. Most of the smartphone users try at least 1 new app per week. But most of those apps are uninstalled by the user due to lack of features or for poor implementation. Here are Top 5 New Apps that Every Indian Should Try:




SpeedFetch is a great application for entertainment. Users can download movies, a game, cartoons at using this app without any data cost. Users might need to pay a small fee to download movies but most of the other videos are free. SpeedFetch provides you higher download speed (upto 60 mbps) as compared to other conventional downloads. Users can download and store their content in their phones to later view offline as well.

The app is smart enough to automatically store large downloaded files on SD card. It also comes with an integrated video player. The app is working on creating Ozone Wifi zones in every major city which will allow you to download at great speeds without any additional internet cost. Check out current Ozone Wifi locations by clicking here.


Money View


Money View is an app which will help you to manage your personal finances in an organized way. Users do not need to enter their data or expenditure on daily basis. Money View app will automatically track your expenses using bank SMSs, credit/debit card interactions, net-banking, cheques, etc.

Users can check all their transactions at one place with this application. Money View is an application which is highly secure as it doesn’t read sensitive information like full account numbers, OTP, Netbanking login and password. Users can also set passcode on the application for added security.




GoodService is basically a service provider application which acts as your 24 x7 personal assistance. Users can ask for tuition classes, banquet hall, parlours, plumber, electronics, or any other information they need and it will assist you with everything you need, just  using simple chat messages.

GoodService compares prices from online and offline stores and get back to you same day with detailed information, photos and locations. Users need to download Good Service, type what they want on chats and then sit back and relax. The app enjoys a very high 4.8 rating on playstore.



Orahi carpoolorahi safe

Orahi is a carpool service which can help you save money, make money and preserve the planet. Thousands of corporate people can pool car with any registered car owner to avoid pollution, bus hazels, Metro rush and save money.

Orahi provides you safe and easy way to commute with other car owners. Users need to download this app and register with home and office locations, verify your profile and start chatting with people and invite them to travel with you. If you go alone in your car, you can save fuel cast by inviting fellow passengers. The app integrates online payment and for your security, cash payments are not part of this business model. Your first ride will be free.



Zopper 1

Zopper is a application that can assist you with shopping – both online and offline. Users can search for electronic appliances, mobile phones and tablets and compare their prices at local stores near your place. Zopper app provides you best available offers on all products online and offline. With every purchase you are entitled to free home delivery too. Currently this app is available in Delhi / NCR, Bengaluru and Mumbai .


These are some of the apps which you must try. If there are other Android apps which helped you improve your efficiency in a drastic manner, share with us in the comment section below.

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